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Viral Video: MBA student from Bhopal made to wash utensils in wedding

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A Bhopal MBA student was made to wash the dishes at a wedding party for being an uninvited guest who even ate the luxurious food served. He was made to clean utensils in order to make him pay for the meal.

The video of the student participating in the cleaning procedure while receiving backlash and taunts has gone viral on social media. The video is said to be from Bhopal, and the student is Samrat Kumar, a first-year MBA student from Jabalpur.

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A man can be heard in the video questioning the youth about his visit to the wedding. “What brought you here? “Did you get invited?” While being slammed, the youth is asked to wash the plates thoroughly, and someone off-screen adds, “Clean it thoroughly.” “How do you keep these clean at home?” Later, the interrogation reveals the student’s name and details, implying that he is pursuing an MBA.


Remember Aamir Khan’s dialogue in a wedding scene in the Bollywood film 3 Idiots? “What it takes to eat food at a wedding is uniform (the dressing), not an invitation,” the group of friends suggested. However, in real-life settings, such unwelcomed guests are not treated well.

Internet users reacted quickly after the video went viral. Some chastised the organisers for making the student wash dishes, while others laughed it off. One user described it as disgusting because such humiliation was not necessary for just one plate of food. Another user described it as “insanity at its peak.”

They not only asked the student to wash their plates, but they also video recording the entire event. The video, which has since gone viral, depicts a middle-aged man questioning a boy and ordering him to wash his plates as punishment for interrupting the wedding.

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