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Top Newsmakers for the year 2023 from North East India

Amidst numerous examples on the national and global stage, the Northeastern region of India has also witnessed the emergence of several figures garnering national attention – and for commendable reasons.

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Here are some notable figures who were constantly on the news headlines, from the Northeast for the year 2023.

In 2023, an abundance of news and events unfolded, with newsmakers playing a pivotal role in driving the news cycle. Amidst numerous examples on the national and global stage, the Northeastern region of India has also witnessed the emergence of several figures garnering national attention – and for commendable reasons. Here are individuals from the Northeast who stand out as prominent newsmakers in the year 2023.

Himanta Biswa Sarma

He deserves to lead the list. Whether taking a bold stand on matters like madrassas, making candid remarks about Hindutva, or his dynamic campaigning in the recent state elections, Himanta Biswa Sarma has consistently been the most prominent figure from the Northeast, capturing significant national attention. Moreover, his presence on national media platforms has earned him a widespread fan base across the country.

N Biren Singh

This year, the Chief Minister of Manipur has become a prominent figure on the national stage, albeit for negative reasons, due to the ethnic tensions in his state. The conditions in Manipur and the widespread criticism directed at Biren Singh have not only made him a highly searched individual on the internet but also a controversial subject.

Temjen Imna Along

The President of BJP in Nagaland rose to internet fame through his clever social media posts and self-deprecating humor. Along with his fluent Hindi and engaging interviews, he gained popularity among netizens from mainland India, securing a considerable portion of the national spotlight in 2023 for the Northeast.

Gaurav Gogoi

The Congress Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Assam has been prominently featured in the news throughout 2023 due to his candid and direct approach, addressing matters head-on in the parliament. Gaurav Gogoi’s outspoken stance on various significant issues both inside and outside the parliament has not only brought him into the limelight but has also established him as a noteworthy newsmaker.

Meira Paibis

The Meira Paibis gained considerable attention during the ethnic turmoil in Manipur in 2023. These local women activists played a crucial role in different scenarios during the violence, acting as guardians for the rights of the Meitei community. Their consistent presence amidst the upheaval in Manipur, particularly their intervention in preventing CM N Biren Singh from resigning, brought them into the media spotlight in 2023.

Riyan Porag

The Assam cricketer has made headlines this year due to his somewhat inconsistent performance on the field. Known for capturing attention by dancing Bihu on the pitch, he performed well in domestic tournaments but failed to make a significant impact in this year’s IPL season. Despite not securing a place in the national squad, Riyan continues to be the most prominent cricketer from the Northeast.

Justice Ujjal Bhuyan

A significant achievement for the Northeast in 2023 occurred when Justice Ujjal Bhuyan, hailing from Assam, was appointed as a Supreme Court judge. The former Chief Justice of the Telangana High Court secured this esteemed position among the apex court judges, garnering national attention and thereby providing a moment of pride for the Northeast.

Pradyot Manikya Debbarma

The scion of the Tripura royal family experienced a remarkable resurgence during the Tripura elections this year, as his newly established party, Tipra Motha, emerged as a significant contender against the formidable CPI(M) and BJP. Pradyot Debbarma’s frank interviews on political topics and other subjects gained widespread attention, establishing him as one of the notable figures from the region in 2023.

Lin Laishram

The wedding between Manipur-born actress Lin Laishram and Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda drew significant attention this year. The ceremony, conducted in vibrant traditional Meitei style in Imphal, became a focal point for mainstream media—a welcomed diversion amid the ethnic turmoil affecting the state. Lin and Randeep, adorned in traditional Meitei attire as the groom and bride, garnered widespread interest and became a highly searched news topic for the year.

Rima Das

Esteemed filmmaker from Assam, Rima Das, made waves this year with her film “Tora’s Husband.” Following its success at various film festivals and receiving an Asia Pacific Screen Award, the national release of the movie elevated Rima Das as one of the notable figures from the region in 2023. Additionally, Rima’s recent advocacy against the felling of over 1000 trees along NH-17 in Assam also garnered attention in the news.

Taba Chake

Taba Chake marked a significant milestone in 2023 by becoming the inaugural singer from Arunachal Pradesh to lend his voice to a Bollywood movie. His rendition of the song ‘Ae Mere Dil’ in the film ‘Kadak Singh’ garnered applause from fans not only in the region but also across the country, propelling Taba into the realm of national headlines this year.

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