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Delhi: Woman, Son Locked In Home For 3 Years To Avoid Covid

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Delhi: A woman and her 10-year-old child were released from police custody on Tuesday, February 21, after being locked inside their Maruti Kunj home for three years to avoid contracting Covid-19. To bring the couple out, a team of police, health officials, and members of the child welfare department had to break open the main door of the house.

Munmun Majhi (36) and her son have been trapped inside their two-room flat in Gurgaon’s Maruti Vihar since the Covid pandemic began in 2020.

Munmun Majhi did not allow even her husband, Sujan Majhi, into the house during the three years of isolation with her child, after he once stepped out to go to the office when restrictions were partially eased after the first Covid-induced lockdown in 2020. Sujan works as an engineer for a private company.


He spent the first few days with friends and family. However, as a more stable solution and after numerous failed attempts to persuade Munmun, he rented a house in the same neighbourhood for himself. Majhi’s only way of communicating with his family was through video calls.

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Sujan initially tried to persuade his wife to let him in or out of the house, but she refused. He then enlisted the help of his in-laws and parents to talk to Munmun, but that didn’t work either.

Her only condition was that she remain locked up until a Covid vaccine for children was developed. There is currently no vaccine available for children under the age of 12 – Munmun’s son is now ten. Though he couldn’t contact them directly, Sujan made certain that no one bothered his family by paying the utility bills and taking care of all supplies.

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He’d pay the rent, the electricity bills, his son’s school fees, the groceries and vegetables, and even leave the ration bags outside the main door for them. According to the police, Munmun had severed contact with most of her relatives over the years, but she permitted her son to use the smartphone because he needed to attend online classes. Furthermore, she had stopped using cooking gas because the cylinder needed to be replaced and had instead switched to an induction heater.

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