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Longwa Village : A Part Of Northeast with Dual Citizenship

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Longwa Village in Nagaland holds dual citizenship and can roam freely in two countries. The village is located 42 kilometers from Nagaland’s Mon town. Because the Indo-Myanmar border runs through it, its residents have dual citizenship.

India is known for its diversity and unity. The culture and way of life here entice tourists from all over the world to visit. At the same time, the states and villages spread across India’s four directions maintain their distinct way of life.

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In Longwa Village in Nagaland, the international border runs through the village head’s house in Longwa. This village is located in the Mon district of the state, and the chieftain is the hereditary ruler, which is called ‘Angh’. It may surprise you to learn that the head of the village Longwa has 60 wives and rules approximately 70 villages in Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh.


On the other hand, The Konyak tribe of Nagaland is thought to be the last of India’s headhunters, having abandoned the practice in the 1960s with the rise of Christianity.


Tattoos will be seen on the Konyak tribe’s face and body (History of Longwa Village), which serve to distinguish them from the other tribes. At the same time, tattooing and slitting the human throat were important aspects of this tribe’s culture.

The tribe believed that a person’s skull held his spirit power, which is linked to prosperity and fertility. Even today, many members of this tribe can be seen wearing Brass Skull Necklaces to demonstrate their tradition and culture.


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