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Akanksha Dubey suicide case: Police arrests accused Samar Singh who was absconding

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Akanksha Dubey suicide case: Akanksha Dubey, a Bhojpuri actress, committed suicide on March 26, 2023. The actress, 25, was discovered dead inside her hotel room in Varanasi. She was in town for the filming of Laik Hoon Main Nalaik Nahin. Her motel room contained no suicide note.

The two accused, Samar Singh and Sanjay Singh, were hiding from the police, who were conducting raids in various locations by creating teams. Samar Singh has been arrested by police in a fresh development. He was detained in Ghaziabad.

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Singer Samar Singh, purportedly Akanksha Dubey’s boyfriend, was arrested in Ghaziabad just days after she was discovered dead in a hotel room in Varanasi. Akanksha’s mother accused Samar Singh of assisting the actress’ suicide. He’d been evading capture ever since. Sanjay Singh, Samar Singh’s brother, was also listed as an accused in Akanksha’s mother’s complaint. He has been served with a lookout notice. According to accounts, Samar was intending to fly abroad. When the cops found out, they alerted all airports to identify him and prevent him from leaving the country.


Madhu Dubey, Akanksha Dubey’s mother, has blamed two people for her daughter’s death. Akanksha’s mother has accused Samar Singh and Sanjay Singh of her daughter’s murder. On March 21, she revealed that Samar Singh’s brother Sanjay Singh had threatened to kill Akanksha Dubey, which the actress had informed her over the phone.

Akanksha Dubey, a Bhojpuri actress, was in Varanasi for a film shoot. After filming, the actress went to the Sarnath Hotel. Her body was discovered in her hotel room.

The actress apparently went live on Instagram hours before committing suicide. According to reports, Akanksha broke down and cried inconsolably during the Instagram live. It is unknown what caused her emotional breakdown. The actress committed suicide just hours after her music video with Pawan Singh was officially published. Social media users have shared videos of her crying during the IG live.

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