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Bagurumba Bodo Folk Dance: 20,000 Artists To Make World Record After Bihu

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Bagurumba Bodo Folk Dance: Assam’s Bodo community is preparing to perform its traditional Bagurumba dance on a global scale, seeking to create a new Guinness World Record with over 20,000 artists.

Days after Assam was inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records, the state’s Bodo community is preparing to display its traditional Bagurumba dance on the global stage, seeking to set a new Guinness World Record with over 20,000 performers.

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Furthermore, Chief Pramod Boro of the Bodoland Territorial Region has announced efforts to highlight the Bagurumba dance and make it a worldwide recognised dance style.

Instead of emphasizing the monetary aspects, the Chief indicated his desire to highlight the cultural significance and emotional value of the Baisakh holiday.


The Bodo Sahitya Sabha and other Bodo organizations have already begun planning for the massive dance event, which is expected to take place next year.

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Bagurumba Folk Dance, Assam

Bagurumba folk dance is performed at the Bwisagu festival. People worship cows before bowing to their elders at the Bwisagu festival. Bathou is the primary deity of the Bwishagu festival.

Bathou, the Boro people’s Sizu plant symbol, is venerated with a Bagurumba folk dance.
During the Bagurumba dance, women wear vividly coloured outfits.

They wrap a specific fabric around their shoulders and hold it in each hand.

Bagurumba Folk Dance, Assam
Bagurumba Folk Dance, Assam

When practising Bagurumba dance, this cloth is used to make butterfly wings.
All of the colours depict the colours of nature. The basic colours used are yellow, green, and red.

In their Bagurumba dance, the Bodo tribes employ a variety of musical instruments.

Serja, a violin-like instrument It has a circular body with a scroll that is curved forward.

Sifung is a long bamboo flute with five holes, as opposed to six holes on the north Indian

Bansuri, and it is also much longer, producing a significantly lower tone.

Kham is a wood and animal-skin drum, Tharkha is a two-bamboo-split instrument, and Jota is an iron instrument.

Gongwna is made from bamboo.

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