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Rongali Bihu 2023: Best Places To Visit in Assam During Bihu

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Best Places To Visit in Assam During Bihu: Bihu is not just a festival to rejoice but also a reflection of the lifestyle of many traditional customs of Assamese culture. Bihu is not less than a cultured treasury in this fast-changing society. Where western culture is dominating the entire Northeast and thus people are losing their cultural identity and ethnicity on one side. While another side is Assamese people who are conserving and protecting their distinctive and unique heritage.

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Assam, often known as the Bihu state, is well-known for the Rongali Bihu festival, which is both entertaining and enjoyable. The Rongali Bihu festival is a dramatic cultural festival full of joy and an abundance of love.

This celebration heralds the start of the Assamese New Year. There are three Bihu festivals in the state which place at different times of the year. The first is the Magh Bihu Festival, followed by the Rongali Bihu Festival, and finally the Kaati Bihu Festival.

Major Attractions Of Rongali Bihu Festival 2023

The celebration commemorates the start of the Assamese New Year as well as the arrival of the spring season. Rongali Bihu Festival is full of happiness and bliss and the same is celebrated through music and dances. There are a total of 7 phases of Rongali Bihu: Raati, Chot, Goru, Manuh, Kutum, Mela, and Chera.

Rongali Bihu: 5 Beautiful Traditional Dresses Worn by Assamese

1. Raati Bihu

This is the first day and begins on the first night of the Chot month. The primary ceremonies include burning torches in an open field. This is also connected with the local women meeting. Men, on the other hand, perform a buffalo hornpipe known as Pepa.

2. Chot Bihu

This begins on Chot Mah’s second day. The day is commemorated with Bihu songs and dances. Mostly the younger ones participate in it. Performances are held at fields or other outdoor venues.

3. Goru Bihu

This period is appropriate with Assam’s agrarian heritage. It is also tied to the worshipping of animals which used to be the main source of money in ancient times. There is also a livestock show.

4. Manuh Bihu

This phase begins on the first day of the month of Vaisakh. On this day, people take a special bath known as the maah halodhi bath. They also wear fresh garments and light chaki to their homes for worship. On this day, people seek blessings from their family elders. They also give them the Gamusa cloth, a mark of cultural pride. It also represents hospitality, warmth, regard, love, and friendship.

5. Kutum Bihu

Kutum represents family. People visit their relatives, families, and friends on this day. They meet together for lunch or dinner to share their stories.

6. Mela Bihu

This day is honoured by outdoor competitions and cultural events. Kings used to attend this fair and mix with the general populace in ancient times. The concept is still alive and well today. The Rongali Bihu fair brings people from all around Assam together, fostering an atmosphere of communal unity and inclusivity.

7. Chera Bihu

The last day of Rongali Bihu has arrived. It is observed differently in different places of Assam. But they all have one thing in common: they all make future resolutions and close the event with introspection. Pithas are also exchanged by friends and families.

Rongali Bihu 2023: Best Places To Visit in Assam During Bihu

If you want to see Bohag Bihu in all its splendor, the best place to go is clearly Assam. On this day, prominent cities such as Assam’s capital Dispur, Guwahati, Dibrugarh, and Tezpur are popular destinations to visit.

Dispur, in particular, is an excellent location for witnessing the Bohag Bihu celebrations. People dress in traditional garb and perform traditional songs and dances. Several groups perform the Bihu dance during cultural events occurring during the Bohag Bihu season.

Assam has a plethora of excellent sites to explore for all types of travellers. It’s hot in Assam in April, but that makes it a fantastic time to visit Kaziranga National Park and see the magnificent Indian one-horned rhino.

Guwahati is well-known for the Kamakhya temple, which is one of India’s 51 shakti pithas. Majuli River Island is a nice area for nature enthusiasts to visit. And when it comes to Bohag Bihu, the entire state comes alive during the event.

However, if you want to see some of the best Bohag Bihu festivals, Dispur is your best chance.


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