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World Heritage Day 2023: Most Popular Heritage Places in Assam You Must Visit

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Popular Heritage Places In Assam: Every year on April 18, World Heritage Day or International Day of Monuments and Sites is observed to raise global awareness about the importance of historical, heritage, and cultural monuments, as well as measures to protect them so that future generations can witness them and embrace the world’s rich heritage.

World Heritage Day is observed to honour the unique and diverse cultural heritage present across the world and to advocate respect for and preservation of it for future generations.

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What Is the Theme of World Heritage Day 2023?

Every year, World Heritage Day is honoured with a different subject. The topic of World Heritage Day 2023 this year is ‘Heritage Changes.’ The primary focus of the 2023 World assets Day theme is climate action and its relationship to cultural assets.


The Most Popular Heritage Sites in Assam

  1. Kareng Ghar and Talatal Ghar, Sibsagar

Kareng Ghar and Talatal Ghar are two of Assam’s most important heritage sites. It is the most magnificent historical treasure of the Ahom Dynasty. Swargeo Rudra Singha built a palace out of organic bricks in Rangpur, their previous capital. Later, Rajeshwara, his successor, added a couple more stories to the palace, making it a seven-story building. The first three stories are known as Talatal Ghar, and the next four are known as Kareng Ghar. Even today, the structure may be found in the Sibsagar District.

The Most Popular Heritage Sites in Assam

2. Rang Ghar, Sibsagar

Rang Ghar is a spectacular two-story structure that has stood since the Ahom dynasty. It’s a royal sports pavilion where Ahom rulers used to enjoy cultural shows and traditional bullfights. During the 18th century, King Swargadeo built the pavilion. The main entryway is adorned with two stone-carved crocodiles that greet guests with awe. The interiors are also embellished with stunning sculptures that resemble a fantasy.

3. Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is one of Assam’s most famous tourist destinations. The park is home to the magnificent One-Horned Rhinoceros. It was also designated a tiger reserve in 2006, and it has a rich flora and wildlife. Water buffalo, elephants, and swamp deer are also plentiful in the national park. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the best spot in Assam to see animals.

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4. Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati

Guwahati’s most important religious attraction is the hallowed shrine of Kamakhya Devi. It is one of the most venerated Shakti Pithas, with pilgrims flocking to it all year. The shrine is well-kept by the government, and the spiritual environment provides serenity of mind and soul. The Kamakhya temple is well-known for its mythical stories and magnificent architecture. The expansive complex with a breathtaking view of the Nilachal Hills is a sight to see.

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5. Surya Pahar

Surya Pahar in Assam is known as an Archaeologist’s Gold Mine due to numerous archaeological findings. Surya Pahar, located 12 km from the Goalpara district, is one of the lesser-known historical sites in Assam that you should visit.

According to the name Surya Pahar, which means “Hill of the Sun,” this location is associated with the cult of sun worship. What are your thoughts? In addition, the items discovered at this location have been displayed at a local museum.

Surya Pahar in Assam

6. Charaideo

Sukapha, the founder of the Ahom dynasty, is supposed to have built Charaideo as the Ahom dynasty’s capital. It is around 28 km from Sibsagar town and is the final resting place of various Ahom kings and queens.

In reality, 42 tombs of kings and queens can be found at the top of the hill. They are composed of stone and bricks and depict how the Ahom monarchs used to live.

Assam’s Charaideo Moidams: India’s latest nominee to UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites

Best time to visit Assam

The winter months, which range from October to March, are the finest time to visit Assam. The weather is lovely and ideal for sightseeing excursions. Summer is an excellent time to travel if you want to find good bargains on flights and hotels. The weather, however, is hot and humid at this time of year. Summer lasts from April to June on average. During the monsoon season, Assam suffers severe rains. As a result, it is not suggested to schedule a trip between July and September.


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