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Mumbai Pune Horrific Accident: 6 Injured as Multi-Vehicle Pile-Up After Truck Brakes Fail

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Mumbai Pune Horrific Accident: On Thursday, at least six persons were injured in a car pile-up on the Mumbai-Pune Motorway, which began when a truck collided with another vehicle when its brake failed.

On the Mumbai-Pune Motorway, a truck collided with a vehicle after its brakes failed. At least 12 automobiles were hit by the truck by Mumbai Pune Horrific Accident.

The tragedy occurred near Maharashtra’s Khopoli and involved seven or eight cars colliding with each other. Videos from the scene showed crumpled and broken cars on the road, as well as injured persons inside an ambulance.

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Four persons were murdered earlier this month when their automobile collided with a stalled lorry on the Mumbai-Pune Motorway.

In a similar event, twelve persons were hurt on Monday when their bus flipped while attempting to avoid a collision with a two-wheeler on the Pune-Solapur route near Bhandgaon village in Daund.

As per reports In 2021, 1.73 lakh individuals died in around 4.22 lakh road accidents in the country, with Uttar Pradesh reporting the largest number of deaths in such incidents with 24,711 deaths, followed by Tamil Nadu with 16,685 deaths.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) most recent data, the number of road accidents in the country climbed from 3,68,828 in 2020 to 4,22,659 in 2021.

There were 4,03,116 road accidents, 17,993 railway accidents, and 1,550 railway crossing accidents among these traffic incidents. In 2021, they killed 1,55,622, 16,431, and 1,807 people, respectively.

From 2020 to 2021, Tamil Nadu experienced the greatest increase in traffic accident cases (from 46,443 to 57,090), followed by Madhya Pradesh (from 43,360 to 49,493), Uttar Pradesh (from 30,593 to 36,509), Maharashtra (from 24,908 to 30,086), and Kerala (from 27,998 to 33,051).

“These traffic accidents injured 3,73,884 people and killed 1,73,860 people in 2021.” The research stated that “Uttar Pradesh (24,711 deaths), Tamil Nadu (16,685 deaths), and Maharashtra (16,446 deaths) had the highest number of fatalities in traffic accidents in the country.”

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