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World Autism Awareness Day: Autism Food Habits,Tips For Parents

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World Autism Awareness Day and Autism Food Habits: Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD) is a complicated disorder marked by behavioral and communication difficulties. ASD sufferers have difficulty understanding the thoughts and feelings of others, making communication challenging, whether through facial expressions, touch, words, or gestures.

Nobody on the spectrum is the same; two toddlers may exhibit completely different behaviours and be at different stages of development while both being diagnosed with autism. Similarly, two persons with autism may be at radically different stages of independence, motor skill development, and social abilities which has Characteristics of Autism.

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Early signs of autism in children include:

Making eye contact: When engaging with caretakers, infants avoid or fail to maintain eye contact.

They may respond slowly or have inadequate communication abilities. They might not coo, speak, or make as many gestures as their usually developing peers.

World Autism Awareness Day: Characteristics of Autism and Different Types of Autism
World Autism Awareness Day: Characteristics of Autism and Different Types of Autism

Youngsters that are not open to social connection may not reply to their names, smile back at others, or show interest in what others are doing.

Repetitive activities, such as rocking, flapping hands, or spinning objects, are frequent in children with autism.

Here, we’d like to look at some of the lesser-known characteristics of autism . Some of these traits are closely related, while others may surprise you. Every person on the spectrum will not exhibit all of these characteristics, but being aware of them can help minimise misunderstanding and, in some situations, escape danger.

World Autism Awareness Day: Characteristics of Autism and Different Types of Autism
World Autism Awareness Day: Characteristics of Autism and Different Types of Autism

Symptoms of Autism

  1. Failure to make eye contact
  2. A focused collection of interests in order to learn more about a specific subject.
  3. Voice tone that is singsong, flat, or robotic.
  4. Having difficulty adapting to changes in routine.
  5. Extreme sensitivity to sounds, sensations, scents, or sights that others regard as normal.
  6. Utilizing repeated words or phrases, rocking back and forth, or flipping repeatedly.
  7. Speech, gestures, facial expressions, or voice tone are difficult to grasp.
  8. Refusal to be hugged or cuddled.


Different Types of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Asperger’s Syndrome: Asperger’s children have no language difficulties and score in the average or above-average range on IQ tests. They will, however, struggle with social issues and have a limited range of interests, which is a common indication of ASDs.

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD): CDD typically manifests itself in children aged three to four years before they lose some or all of their communication and social skills.

Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD): Often known as atypical autism, PDD can be identified when your child exhibits autistic symptoms such as speech and social skills deficits.

Causes of Autism

The precise cause of autism is uncertain. It could, however, be related to problems with your brain’s components that process language and interpret sensory input.

Autism Treatment

Behavioral and Communication Therapy– Behavioral and communication treatment can help to increase structure and order. Applied behaviour analysis (ABA) is one of these treatments, which promotes positivity while discouraging negative behaviour. Occupational therapy can help with everyday chores including dressing, eating, and socialising. Sensory integration treatment may be beneficial for people who have difficulty being touched, seeing, or hearing. Speech therapy assists people in improving their communication abilities.
Medications: Address ASD symptoms such as hyperactivity, anxiety, and difficulty paying attention.

World Autism Awareness Day: Autism Food Habits,Tips For Parents

Eating issues are prevalent in autistic children. In fact, autistic children are five times more likely than their counterparts to develop an eating issue. Yet, determining whether a child’s eating habits are normal or require help can be challenging.

World Autism Awareness Day: Autism Food Habits,Tips For Parents
World Autism Awareness Day: Autism Food Habits,Tips For Parents

Continue reading to discover more about feeding challenges connected with autism and what efforts you should take to ensure that your child is getting adequate nutrition and eating assistance.

Mealtime issues in young children are widespread and can include:

Changing hunger
Picky eaters
Reluctance to try new cuisines
Food preferences are strong.

Eating habits of children with autism

Food dislikes or a limited food variety:
A person with autism may be sensitive to food’s flavour, smell, colour, and texture. They may limit or completely shun some meals and even entire food groups. Strongly flavoured foods, fruits and vegetables, and specific textures, such as slippery or soft foods, may be disliked.
Not getting enough nutrients: 
Children with autism may struggle to focus on a single task for a lengthy period of time. A child may find it difficult to sit down and eat a meal from start to finish.

Make Mealtimes Routine

A child with ASD will have to work harder at mealtimes because a crowded kitchen, bright lights, and even the arrangement of the furniture can all be stressful.

Keeping meals as predictable and routine as possible can aid with this process.

One of the simplest methods to alleviate stress is to serve meals at the same time every day. Consider what concessions you can make to make mealtimes easier.

If your youngster is light sensitive, try reducing the lights or using lamps or candlelight under adult supervision instead of an overhead light.

Allow your youngster to choose a favourite cuisine to include at each meal.

Allow your child to select a favourite seat at the table.

Facts about Autism

One in every 36 children has autism spectrum disorder.

ASD is roughly five times more common in boys than in girls. Girls are frequently misdiagnosed with autism and are underdiagnosed with other illnesses.

Autism spectrum disorder is one of the nation’s fastest-growing developmental problems.

Autism spectrum disorder is more common than childhood cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined.

Autism spectrum condition impacts people of various nationalities, creeds, religions, ethnicities, and genders. It does not discriminate or impact a single group.

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