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Hyderabad woman loses vision after using her smartphone in dark

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We are all aware of the negative effects of technology and the dangers of becoming addicted to electronic devices. Nonetheless, many people disregard or fail to follow precautions, allowing their addiction to harm their health. A woman from Hyderabad had a similar nighttime smartphone addiction. Her habit of scrolling through social media at night caused her to lose her vision.

Dr. Sudhir, a Neurologist from Hyderabad, revealed on Twitter how a 30-year-old woman damaged her vision due to her habit of looking at her smartphone at night in a dark room.


The doctor revealed in his Twitter thread that one of his patients, Manju, came to him with symptoms such as seeing floaters, intense flashes of light, dark zigzag patterns, and occasionally a lack of vision or concentration on objects. She was diagnosed with smartphone vision syndrome (SVS) after undergoing a medical examination, which can lead to eye-related problems such as blindness.

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Her doctor described her symptoms, which included seeing floaters (spots in your vision), bright flashes of light, dark zigzag lines, and, at times, the inability to see or focus on objects. He claimed the woman was suffering from smartphone vision syndrome. Let us first define this condition.

The doctor advised people to avoid staring at digital device screens for extended periods of time, as this could result in severe and disabling vision problems.

“Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break to look at something 20 feet away while using a digital screen (20-20-20 rule”),” he advised.


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