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Bharat Biotech’s Covid-19 nasal vaccination now available on CoWIN app

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Covid-19 nasal vaccination: In response to an increase in cases in other countries, particularly China, the government has increased its anti-Covid initiatives. The government has added Bharat Biotech’s intranasal vaccine Incovacc as a mix-and-match, or heterologous, booster dosage to its immunization program. Incovacc is the world’s first intranasal vaccine approved for use as a booster dose.

Vaccinations will be given from the nose without the use of needles by private clinics in a few days. The vaccination will be available on the government’s CoWIN vaccination management platform as of late Friday.


As an intranasal vaccine, BBV154 may induce local antibodies in the upper respiratory tract, potentially reducing infection and transmission.

The country’s first intranasal vaccine for COVID-19, administered through the nose rather than the arm, is now available as a booster dose for those over the age of 18. Those who have taken Covishield and Covaxin can now receive a heterologous booster dose of the nasal vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech.

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The nasal vaccination not only protects against Covid, but it also prevents the disease from spreading by stimulating a type of immunity found primarily in the cells that line the nose and throat.

The nasal vaccination targets immune cells found in mucosa tissue and membranes, resulting in systemic and mucosal immunity at multiple sites, including the lungs and intestines. As a result, a nasal vaccination may be more effective at protecting large populations from the deadly virus and delaying the onset of even minor symptoms.

Because the virus frequently enters the body through the nose, the nasal vaccination stimulates your immune system to produce proteins in your blood and nose to help fight the infection. A doctor will spray the vaccination into your nostrils with a tiny, needle-free syringe. The spray will take two weeks to start working on the body.

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