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When Is Holi 2023? Holi Puja Time, Significance,Holika Dahan Muhurt Details

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Holi 2023: Holi, the festival of colours, heralds the arrival of spring and the end of the winter season. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil. The festival’s colour and vibrancy represent various aspects of life. Holi 2023, the festival of colours, will take place on March 8, 2023. So start planning your party now, and stock up on bright powders and water guns!

The Holi 2023 festival has taken on new significance in modern times. It is now time to unite and celebrate our differences. The festival reminds us that while we are all unique, we are all connected by our humanity. It is time to come together, celebrate our similarities, and build understanding and respect bridges.

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When Is Holi 2023? | Holi 2023 Date

According to the Hindu calendar, Holi is celebrated on the evening of Purnima in the month of Phalgun. Holi is usually celebrated in the first or second week of March. Holi will be celebrated on March 8, 2023, on a Wednesday.

Holi, also known as Dhulendi, is a day when people apply colours and water to their loved ones. The night before is known as Choti Holi or Holika Dahan, and a bonfire or holy fire is lit to signal the beginning of the festive celebrations.

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Holi Purnima and Holika Dahan Muhurat (Time) 2023

Happy Holi 2023
Occasion Time/Muhurat Date
Starting time of Purnima Tithi 4:17 PM 7th March 2023
Ending time of Purnima Tithi 6:09 PM 7th March 2023
Duration of Holika Dahan 2 hours and 27 minutes 7th March 2023
Timings for Holika Dahan 6:24 PM to 8:51 PM 7th March 2023


History of Holi

Holi derives from Hindu mythology. Some believe that Holi began as a fertility festival to celebrate the arrival of spring. Others believe it was done to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. Whatever its origins, Holi has become a beloved tradition for Hindus worldwide.

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The Significance of Holika Dahan

Every year, Hindus celebrate Holika Dahan, a significant Hindu festival. It commemorates the story of Prahlad, a devout Lord Vishnu devotee who was saved from being burned alive by his evil aunt Holika. The festival is marked by the lighting of a bonfire, around which people gather to pray and sing devotional songs. The bonfire is regarded as a symbol of good triumphing over evil, serving as a reminder that truth and righteousness will always triumph in the end. Holika Dahan will be celebrated on March 7, 2023 this year. The Holi puja shubh muhurat begins at 6:24 p.m. and ends at 8:51 p.m.

Holi on Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Holika Dahan on Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Holi Puja Timings | Auspicious Timings For Holi 2023

Purnima Tithi Begins – 04:17 PM on Mar 06, 2023

Purnima Tithi Ends – 06:09 PM on Mar 07, 2023

Source: drikpanchang.com

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