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Spoiler Alert! Anupamaa: Maya To get close with Anuj, Vanraj Wants Old Life Back

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Anupamaa Latest Episode: Anupamaa is currently leaving netizens and fans fuming with rage due to the upcoming twists that are being shown in the show. In the upcoming episode, we see Maya, Choti Anu’s real mother, making an effort to get physical with Anuj, and he has no reservations about it. In the new promo, we see Anuj mesmerised by Maya’s dance and later walking together, where she wraps her arms around his and he smiles.


Makers are being chastised for this attempt, while Vanraj is being labelled as a shameless man who confronts Anupamaa and tells her that he wishes he could go back to his old life because her presence gives him peace, and she lashes out at Vanraj and tells him that she is very happy with her husband and daughter and dares he ever speak to her in this manner.

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Anupama is currently on time, which makes Anuj happy. Anuj and Anupama have a family moment with Anu, leaving Maya alone on the sidelines.

Maya is upset, but Anuj and Anupama’s romance continues. Furthermore, their romance reaches new heights when Anuj feeds Anupama cake and it becomes stuck on her lips.

Anuj eats the cake after wiping it from Anupama’s mouth, enjoying a cute moment together.


Anuj and Anupama are in love, and Maya is irritated by their reunion.

Although Anupama is doing an excellent job of fulfilling her obligations to Paritosh, she is unaware that Maya is attempting to replace her in Anuj and Anu’s lives.

Meanwhile, Anu refers to Anuj and Maya as the King and Queen of her kingdom. Anupama is heartbroken.

Barkha, on the other hand, tells Anupama the truth about Maya.

Meanwhile, popular television series ‘Anupamaa’ wins Television Series of The Year at The Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2023.


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