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Singer Lucky Ali Issues Apology for ‘Brahmin’ Derives for Ibrahim Comment to Fans

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Singer Lucky Ali, Best known for songs like as ‘O Sanam’, ‘Ek Pal Ka Jeena’, ‘Safarnama’ and several others, has tendered an apology after suffering significant outrage over his recent Facebook post which wounded the sentiments of his ‘Hindu brothers and sisters’. The artist said in the now-deleted post that the moniker “Brahman” is derived from the name “Abram.”

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His post was met with disapproval on social media, prompting him to issue an apology. Lucky explained that his intention was just to bring individuals from diverse parts of society together, not to incite wrath or pain in anyone.


“Dear Everyone,” he wrote. I am aware of the uproar caused by my last post. My goals were not to cause anyone distress or anger, and I profoundly regret that. Instead, my aims were to bring us all closer together… But I see how it didn’t come out the way I intended. I will be more mindful of what I post and how I phrase things now that I know it has offended many of my Hindu brothers and sisters. I apologize profusely. “I adore you all.”

Lucky had previously written. “The name ‘Brahman’ is derived from ‘Brahma,’ which is derived from ‘Abram,’ which is derived from Abraham or Ibrahim. The Brahmans are descendants of Ibrahim. Alaihisalam… The Father of All Nations… therefore why is everyone squabbling and fighting amongst themselves?”

Singer  Lucky Ali is the son of the late actor and comedian Mehmood Ali, real name Maqsood Mahmood Ali. He is currently residing in Bengaluru. Tasmiyah Ali Medina and Ta’awwuz are Lucky’s two children from his first marriage. Lucky eventually married Inaya. Sara and Raiyan are their two children. In 2010, he married British model Kate Elizabeth Hallam for the third time. In 2017, they divorced.



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