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Lakshminath Bezbarua’s Death Anniversary: 5 Lesser Known Facts

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‘Rasaraj’ Lakshminath Bezbarua’s Death Anniversary: Lakshminath Bezbarua ( লক্ষ্মীনাথ বেজবৰুৱা) was the most notable early Assamese modern writer, co-founding the literary monthly journal ” JONAKI ” in 1889. He wrote the modern short story ” SEUTI “, which is regarded as the first modern short story written in Assamese. The great Assamese writer Lakshminath Bezbaruah and his two soul mates, CHANDRA KUMAR AGARWAL and HEM CHANDRA GOSWAMI, helped the ASSAMESE society reclaim its lost pride in language and literature.

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Lakshminath Bezbaroa is a prominent figure in Assamese literature and is widely regarded as a pioneer of modern Assamese literature, particularly short stories. His works satirised Assamese society at the time in order to advocate for social reforms.

For nearly a half-century, Lakshminath Bezbarua dominated the Assamese literary scene. Throughout his life, he dedicated himself to restoring the lost glory of Assamese literature. During that time, Assamese was not used in the state’s universities.
Lakshminath Bezbaruah fought a never-ending battle with many of his contemporaries to establish a proper place for Assamese within the state.


‘Rasaraj’ Lakshminath Bezbarua’s Death Anniversary: 5 Best Lesser Known facts of the Assamese writer

  1. Assam’s state anthem, O Mur Apunar Dekh, was written by Lakshminath Bezbarua. In Assam, he is best known as the Sahityarathi (literally, the Charioteer of Literature) and Rasaraaj (King of humor).

2. Lakshminath Bezburuah married Pragyasundari Devi, the niece of Rabindranath Tagore, the great Indian poet. In 1921, he presided over the All Assam Students’ Conference in Guwahati. Bezbarua was elected president of the 7th annual session of the Assam Sahitya Sabha in Guwahati in 1924. On March 26, 1938, Lakshminath Bezbarua died in Dibrugarh.

3. Bezbaruah began his literary career in 1890 with the farce Litikai, which was serialised in the first issue of Jonaki megazine. He wrote eight plays, four farces, three historical works, one act drama, three biographies, and a few autobiographies. He also wrote for children. He collected and compiled Assanm (Xadhukotha) folk tales and added a few new tales to the basket for the benefit of nurturing parents and babysitters.

4. Literary Works of Lakshminath Bezbarua:


  • Poetry Collection: Kodam Koli (1913), Podum Koli (1968)
  • Novel: Podum Kunwari (1905)
  • Short Story Collection: Surabhi (1909), Xadhukathaar Kuki (1912), Jonbiri (1913), Kehokali
  • Children’s literature: Junuka (1910), Burhi aair xadhu (1911), Kokadeuta aaru nati lora (1912), Baakhar
  • Plays: Joymoti Konwari (1915), Chakradhwaj Singha (1915), Belimaar (1915), Litikai (1890), Chikarpati-Nikarpati (1913), Nomal (1913), Pachoni (1913)
  • Comic Plays: Litikai (1890), Nomal, Paachani, Chikarpati – Nikarpati
  • Autobiographical: Mor Jiban Sowaran, Patralekha, Dinalekha
  • Biographies: Dinanath Bezbaruar Xankshipta Jiban Charit,  Sri Sri Shankardev, Mahapurush Sri Sankardev Aru Madhabdev
  • Collection of satire essays: Kripabor Barbaruar Kaakotor Topola (1904), Kripabor Barbaruar Obhotani (1909), Barbaruar Bhabar Burburani, Barbaruar Bulani
  • English Books: The Religion of Love and Devotion (1968),History of Vaishnavism in India, Rasalila of Sri Krishna

5. Lakshminath Bezbaruah wrote three historical plays: Joymoti Konwari, Chkradhwaj Singha, and Belimaar. He also wrote four comic plays: Litikai, Nomal, Paachoni, and Chikorpoti Nikarpoti. He was the first Assamese short story author. He wrote many short stories that are a treasure trove of Assamese literature. Surabhi, Xadhukothar Kuki, Jonbiri, and Kehokoli were among his short story collections. His autobiography was titled ‘Mor Jibon Sowaran.’

6. Kripabor Baruahar Kakotor Tupula, Kripabor Baruahar Obhotani, Barbaruahar Bhabar Burburani, and Barbaruahar Buloni were satire essays written by Lakshminath Bezbaruah. Lakshminath Bezbaruah’s other collections included Kamat Krititwa Labhibar Xonket, Bhagwat Kotha, Bharatbarshar Buronji, Tatwa Kotha, Sri Krishnakatha, The Religion Of Love and Devotion, Axomiya Bhaxa aru Xahitya, History Of Vaishnavism In India, and Raxolila Of Sri Krishna. Bezbaruah was an outspoken liberal, and his observations of people and places were heavily tinged with rationalisation.

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