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Nirupama Borgohain Birthday: Top 5 Books of Assamese Novelist

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Nirupama Borgohain ( নিৰূপমা বৰগোহাঞি) Birthday: Nirupama Borgohain is one of Assam’s most prominent female voices. She has written over thirty books for Assamese readers. Her novels are primarily based on realism, and she has consciously addressed the issue of gender inequality in society. She is always emphasizing the plight of women and their opposition to patriarchal values. She is an Assamese novelist and journalist from India. She is a Sahitya Akademi Award winner and is best known for her novel ‘Abhiyatri’. She received the Assam Valley Literary Award.

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Nirupama Borgohain, as a woman, has faced many challenges in her personal life. Her writings reflected a picture of her life’s struggle. As a result, one of the most notable aspects of Nirupama Borgohain’s writings is her feministic concern. Nirupama Borgohain’s short story ‘Nari Dosokot Akon’ is well-known. The purpose of this paper is to look at how women are portrayed in the short story ‘Nari Dosokot Akon.’


Early Life of Nirupama Borgohain:

Nirupama Tamuli was born on March 17, 1932, in Guwahati, Assam, to Jadab Tamuli, an Income Tax clerk, and Kashiswari Tamuli. She received post-graduate degrees in English literature and Assamese from Cotton College in Guwahati and Calcutta University.

Tamuli married writer and journalist Homen Borgohain in 1958. They were the parents of two sons. They separated in 1977.

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Career of Nirupama Borgohain:

Borgohain worked as an English lecturer at several colleges, as well as an editor for Saptahik Sanchipat and Chitrangada.

Borgohain worked at the weekly magazine Saptahik Neelachal between 1968 and 1980, which she helped to grow into one of Assam’s most influential.

From 1979 to 1985, there was a sociopolitical movement in Assam against the upsurge of ostensible illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, and activists attacked several camps. Borgohain’s investigation into these attacks resulted in essays that landed her in hot water with the magazine.

Nirupama Borgohain Birthday: Top 5 Books of Assamese Novelist

  1. Abhiyatri
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Borgohain began publishing short stories in the journal Ramdhenu under the pen name Neelima Devi. Her works include Anek Akas (Many Skies, 1961), Jalachabi (Movie, 1966), and Sunyatar Kavya (Poems of Emptiness, 1969).

2. Hridoy Eta Nirjon Dweep

Hridoy Eta Nirjon Dweep
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Erin McLaughlin

Borgohain’s first novel, Sei Nadi Niravadhi (The River Continues to Flow), was released in 1963. This intertwined a woman’s story with the fate of a river, whereas Ejan Budha Manuh (An Old Man, 1966) focused on the relationship between a father and son, exposing the tensions that arose as a result of an inter-caste marriage.

3. Bhabishyot Ronga Surjya 

Bhabishyot Ronga Surjya
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Ghor Iparor Siparor Ghor (Houses of This Side and That, 1979) depicted the migration of rural people to cities in search of a better life; the story was told in a naturalistic, realistic, but pessimistic style.

4. Vishwas Aru Sanshayar Majedi

Vishwas Aru Sanshayar Majedi
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Borgohain’s Abhiyatri (1995) was a biographical novel about the life of Chandraprava Saikiani, an Assamese freedom fighter, feminist, and social activist. This novel won her the Sahitya Akademi literary award the following year and is regarded as one of her best.

5. Aei Nodi Niravadhi 

Aei Nodi Niravadhi
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