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Racism: Nagaland woman faced “racial discrimination” at Surajkund Mela

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Nagaland: BJP Minister Temjen Imna Along pointed out casual racism directed at Nagaland residents. The development occurred after a video of a Naga girl recounting the harassment she endured went viral on social media.

In response to the question of whether Nagas eat dog meat, Temjen Imna Along tweeted, “Some people are mistaking us for Bear Grylls’ relatives.” It should be noted that Grylls is the star of the show ‘Man Vs Wild,’ in which he survives by eating the meat of wild animals and insects.

The woman stated in the video that people approached her stall and asked, “Do you eat dog meat and snakes?” Mr Along, who is known for his sharp yet endearing humour, took reference from the hit show Man vs. Wild and wrote, “Some people have started considering us as relatives of ‘Bear Grylls’. This is not acceptable.” In Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls overcomes nature’s odds and survives on animal meat and insects.


Mr. Along’s tweet sparked a lot of discussion on the social media platform. People have praised the minister for his response to the incident.

“Sir, your sense of humour is amazing,” one user said.

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The BJP Minister stated unequivocally that Nagas do not have the ability to consume any meat imaginable, as British adventurer Bear Grylls does. He urged people not to harass the Naga community about their dietary preferences and instead to use Google to find answers.

“I feel hurt by the way people come up to our stall and ask such questions,” the woman said in the video. No one is inquiring about the stall or our current situation. They instead claim that “you people eat snakes and dog meat.”

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