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Racism to Northeast: Maharashtra MLA Bacchu Kadu Says Send Street To Assam For Consumption

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Bachchu Kadu, MLA from Maharashtra and leader of the Prahar Janshakti Party, proposed sending stray dogs to Assam to control their population during the assembly session. Kadu believes that Assamese people consume dogs and that this is a viable solution to the problem.

The suggestion came during a debate on a calling attention motion introduced by MLAs Pratap Sarnaik and Atul Bhatkhalkar to address the issues caused by stray dogs. Instead of forming a committee, Kadu proposed an action plan to deal with domestic dogs found on the streets. He went on to say that this experiment should begin in a single city.


When MLAs Pratap Sarnaik and Atul Bhatkhalkar raised the issue of stray dogs causing a menace in the Maharashtra assembly, Bacchu Kadu suggested that all stray dogs from the state be sent to Assam because people there would consume them.

Instead of forming a committee to investigate the matter, Bacchu Kadu devised a strategy to begin an experiment in a single city and send street dogs from there to Assam.

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Meanwhile, Bacchu Kadu’s obscene remarks have sparked outrage, with animal rights activists calling his remarks outrageous and inhumane. According to India Today, Kadu was speaking in the state assembly during a debate on a calling attention motion raised by MLAs Pratap Sarnaik and Atul Bhatkhalkar regarding the problems caused by stray dogs.

While proposing an action plan to combat domestic dogs found on the streets, Kadu suggested that the experiment begin in a single city.

“Stray dogs are popular in Assam. They sell for up to 8,000 dollars. “They should be dispatched to Assam to control the population of stray dogs in the state,” he allegedly said.


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