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Constitution Day 2022: Date, History, & Interesting facts About India’s Constitution

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Constitution Day: On November 26th, 1949, the Constituent Assembly duly adopted the Indian Constitution. As a result, the Indian government designated November 26th, 2015, as Constitution Day. The Constitution of India enshrines Indian laws and their implementation. As a result, November 26 is also known as “National Law Day.”

In May of 2015, the Union Cabinet decided to designate November 26 as Constitution Day in order to promote “constitutional values among residents.” The day was established in the year that marked the 125th birthday of BR Ambedkar, the Chairman of the Constitutional Drafting Committee. Jawaharlal Nehru, Vallabhbhai Patel, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, and others served on the Constitution’s Drafting Committee.

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Constitution Day: Some important facts about Indian Constitution 

The 26th of November is a very special day for independent India because it was on this day that the country’s Constituent Assembly duly adopted the current constitution. The fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution have become citizens’ shields, while the fundamental duties remind us of our responsibilities. Every year on November 26th, India celebrates Constitution Day. The 26th of November was previously known as National Law Day.

  1. Our constitution is the world’s largest written constitution.
    Although the original copy of the constitution was not typed, these copies were handwritten.
  2. The original copies of the Constitution are kept in the Parliamentary Library. It is kept in a box filled with helium and wrapped in flannel cloth with naphthalene balls.


3. It took around 2 years 11 months 18 days to prepare the Indian Constitution.

4. The original copies of the constitution were prepared by renowned writer Prem Narayan Raizada. The Indian Constitution’s basic structure is based on the Government of India Act of 1935.


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