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Rahul Gandhi At Cambridge: Claims Minorities ‘Under Attack’ In India

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Rahul Gandhi At Cambridge: Speaking at Cambridge University, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi recalled encountering terrorists during the Congress-led Bharat Jodo Yatra’s entry into Jammu and Kashmir. Gandhi stated that the security forces in Kashmir had asked him not to walk in the area because of the threat of terrorist attacks.

The Congress MP, on the other hand, chose to continue the yatra.

According to Rahul Gandhi, “I spoke with my people and informed them that I intended to continue the walk. We were walking along when an unknown man approached me. He stated that he wished to speak with me.”

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said during his lecture on Tuesday at the University of Cambridge that the anger over shifting of manufacturing from “democratic countries” like India and the US to China needs “urgent attention and dialogue”. Gandhi spoke at the university’s Judge Business School on the topic “Learning to Listen in the Twenty-First Century,” focusing on the “art of listening” and calling for a new way of thinking to promote a democratic environment globally. When done consistently and diligently, the “art of listening” is “very powerful,” he says.


Rahul Gandhi arrived in the United Kingdom on Tuesday to begin his week-long tour with a speech at the University of Cambridge. He also met with Indian diaspora groups in the area.

During his lecture at the prestigious University of Cambridge, Rahul Gandhi focused on the “art of listening” and called for new thinking to promote a democratic, rather than a coercive, global environment.

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He claimed that security personnel told him he couldn’t walk in Kashmir when he arrived. “I was walking three days in the roughest districts of Kashmir. Hand grenades will be thrown at you, according to the security guards. But I wanted to walk, so I told them hand grenades would suffice. Throughout the yatra, we saw Indian flags appearing everywhere. “Around 40,000 people showed up, as opposed to the 2,000 expected,” Gandhi said.

The Bharat Jodo Yatra concluded on January 30 in an opposition show of strength, with leaders from various parties joining Rahul Gandhi as he completed his 145-day journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.

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