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Bring Good Luck: 5 Best Vastu Tips For Home and Positive Energy

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Best Vastu Tips: Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural discipline, provides practical recommendations for creating environments that encourage harmony, health, and prosperity. Following Vastu principles ensures that one’s home or business is in balance with nature, the five elements, and cosmic energy, which can help attract positive energy and good fortune.

These numerous variables can effect the energy flow and influence your success, from the appropriate direction for the entrance to the arrangement of furniture and colour palettes.


Whether you’re opening a new business or remodeling your home, applying Vastu principles can help you create a positive and productive environment that boosts your prosperity and well-being.

5 Vastu Tips To Bring Good Luck To Your Home

  1. Keep the main door clean and ornamented to attract prosperity because it is the entry point for the energy in the house. Because the colour purple denotes prosperity, painting the walls of the house purple would be advantageous.

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  1. If repainting the walls is problematic, you may replace a money plant in a purple-colored container. The cash locker or almirah where you keep the cash should be kept in the house’s south or south-west wall, so it opens up to the north. Another approach to attract wealth is to place a mirror directly in front of the cash vault. It represents that your money has been doubled!
5 Important Vastu Tips for Home and Positive Energy
5 Important Vastu Tips for Home and Positive Energy

3. The master bedroom should ideally be located in the southwest part of the house, as this location is thought to encourage calm, stability, and strength in relationships.

5 Important Vastu Tips for Home and Positive Energy
5 Important Vastu Tips for Home and Positive Energy

4. Having water features in your house’s north-eastern corner represents the flow of constructive energy. You might install a water feature such as a tiny fountain, water garden, or other water showpiece. Repair any leaky faucets, taps, or broken plumbing to avoid financial losses.

5 Important Vastu Tips for Home and Positive Energy
5 Important Vastu Tips for Home and Positive Energy

5. It is advantageous to place a picture or idol of Goddess Laxmi near the entryway for financial rewards. A popular Vastu concept is that keeping a flute in the house keeps money problems at bay. Hanging two flutes will help you if you are having difficulties with your studies or employment.

5 Important Vastu Tips for Home and Positive Energy
5 Important Vastu Tips for Home and Positive Energy

Best Vastu Tips for Academic Growth

Place the study table to the east or north of the room for improved concentration.

To ensure the passage of energy, leave enough space between the wall and the study table.

The study room should not be located beneath the bathroom or beneath the beam.

The bookcase should face east, north, or north east.

Be certain that there is no reflection of the books in the mirror, as this adds to the stress of studying.

Vastu Tips for Good Health

To get a good night’s sleep, sleep with your head to the south.

Always leave the middle of the house empty or with extremely little furniture.

This guarantees that energy flows freely and without limitation.

A fire element imbalance creates disease in the home.

As a result, the optimal area for a fire element, such as a candle, diya, or fireplace, is in the Southeast or Northwest direction of the house.

Avoid placing mirrors opposite the bed because mirrors reflecting a sleeping person cause energy drain, which causes sickness.

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