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Bleach TYBW part 1 finale: Ichigo’s new weapon and Uryu’s betrayal

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Bleach Finale: The finale of Bleach TYBW Part 1 is now available, and fans can watch two episodes of the anime one after the other. In the finale, Ichigo finally learned about his ancestors and how his mother (a Quincy) and father (a Soul Reaper) met. It also revealed Zangetsu’s true form and what had been channeling Ichigo’s strength all along.

Ichigo was returned to the World of the Living in the previous episode, where he was confronted by his father, Isshin Shiba. The former Squad 10 captain intended to reveal the mysteries surrounding his son’s ancestry, as well as how his wife was a Quincy who had once saved him from an attack by a strange Hollow created by Aizen.


Bleach TYBW part 1 finale:

Uryu agreed to fight alongside Quincies after meeting Yhwach and Jugram Haschwalth, according to the special Bleach episode. This means Uryu is going up against Ichigo in the battle of Quincies and Shinigami. The Bleach finale was an emotional roller coaster for fans, and here are some of the best Twitter reactions.


The Bleach TYBW part 1 finale was a two-parter, with episode 12, titled Everything But the Rain “June Truth,” beginning with a flashback in which Isshin Shiba was apparently captivated by Masaki Kurosaki and desired to meet her again. The latter was intrigued by him and desired to speak with him again.

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Later that day, as Masaki was returning home, Kisuke Urahara noticed her deteriorating health. She then returned home, where Ryuken Ishida’s mother questioned her about her actions the night before. Katagiri had told the truth about what had happened to her. This did not last long, as Masaki became ill as a Hollow Hole developed directly above her chest. Ryuken immediately carried her outside after noticing this.


Ikumi-san appeared in episode 13 titled The Blade Is Me to return Ichigo’s Soul Reaper Badge, after which he was teleported back to the Soul King Palace by Nimaiya’s bodyguard Mera. Ichigo quickly recognised his Asauchi this time, as Oetsu Nimaiya began forging his Zanpakuto alongside his bodyguards.

In the Bleach TYBW part 1 finale, Ichigo finally unlocked the full extent of his powers, as Zangetsu will no longer try to stop him from becoming a Soul Reaper, implying that he has full access to his powers. Furthermore, Ichigo has admitted that both his Quincy and Hollow sides are Zangetsu and will most likely be a force to be reckoned with in the war against the Quincy.

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