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Naiwrita Joy Shukla is in limelight! A rising youth Leader vying to represent Silchar

As a youth leader within the Congress party, Naiwrita aspires to represent the diverse community of Silchar. She has already expressed her candidacy aspirations for the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

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During the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, the spotlight has turned towards a young woman in Assam’s politics. This young woman aligned with the Congress party, has garnered considerable public support for her candidature. These young woman, emerging as promising figures in the realm of proactive politics, are also seen as representative of the aspirations of the youth.

Naiwrita Joy Shukla, a rising figure in politics, has entered into the political arena. As a youth leader within the Congress party, Naiwrita aspires to represent the diverse community of Silchar. She has already expressed her candidacy aspirations for the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

After submitting her application, she stated to the media, “Under the umbrella of the Silchar Lok Sabha constituency, areas including Lakhimpur, Udharbond, Dholai, Katigorah, Barkhola, and others have consistently shown their support and blessings. Alongside, Barak Valley’s prominent leader and activist of Congress party, has been actively supporting and encouraging us, contributing to our progress in the district’s activities.”

Highly educated Naiwrita Joy Shukla currently serves as the Joint Secretary and the spokesman of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee, overseeing significant responsibilities for both the Silchar and Karimganj district Congress committees. She actively engages in various initiatives, holding the position of Co-founder and CEO in the organization named “Magic Decco.”

Naiwrita initiated her educational journey at Holy Cross School in Silchar, and has pursued higher education in Economics under Delhi University. She was also an active participant in the students union at Ramjas College.

Naiwrita Joy Shukla, is the daughter of a politically active family in Barak Valley. She has inherited her political enthusiasm from her grandfather, the former MP Lalit Mohan Suklabaidya. Leveraging the wisdom imparted by Lalit Mohan Suklabaidya, who was not only a seasoned Congress leader but also an educator in politics, economics, and finance, from where Naiwrita has gained diverse knowledge for her political journey. This aspect was highlighted by the young political aspirant in a Facebook post, acknowledging her roots in commerce, finance, and economics as valuable assets in politics.

Although born in a Congressman family, Naiwrita Joy Shukla officially joined Congress in August 2021, bringing her active participation to the political landscape of Barak Valley. Following her entry, a conscious speculation began within the political arena, fostering discussions and aspirations for both Barak Valley politics and Naiwrita’s role in shaping its future.

Previously, the influential Women Congress leader from Barak Valley, Susmita Deb, was highly regarded. After Susmita Deb’s departure from Congress, Naiwrita Joy Shukla made her official entry into the Congress party. Naiwrita also has a preference for Silchar’s diverse community. While there are various opinions within the Congress party about Naiwrita Joy Shukla that Congress has replaced former leader, Susmita Deb’s position with Nairita.

However, her political journey as a young leader is anticipated to play a significant role in connecting with the people of Barak Valley and resonating with the entire Assamese community in the days to come.

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