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Assam Youth Created Mindblowing ‘AI’ Assamese Folklore Art Series

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‘AI’ Assamese Folklore: Assam Youth Chinmoy Barma generates an internet sensation with some ‘nerve-shivering’ digital AI-generated art pieces displaying Assamese folklore ghosts and legends.

These digital arts i.e. ‘AI’ Assamese Folklore have recently gone viral on the Internet.

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He had been creating films and artwork based on Assamese folklore and ghost stories told to him by his grandmother and village people. In this genre, he has also made films such as “Ghorapak,” “Tezor Tukura,” “Aham,” and “Jokhini.”


Chinmoy Barma in a blog post wrote “Assamese folklore is a treasure trove of intriguing legends and ghost stories that have been handed down through generations. These stories have captivated the imaginations of Assamese people for centuries and remain an important part of their cultural heritage.”


Chinmoy Barma is an exceptional short film director. Although the majority of his works are set in mythological and supernatural settings and have fantastical elements in their screenplay, they all tell human stories that resonate with us and make us empathise with the characters on screen. He wants to show Assamese folk culture in his films.

This craftsmanship is continued in his film, ‘Ghorapak,’ which is about a mythical creature that is half human and half horse (similar to the Greek creature ‘centaur’).

Chinmoy Barma, a Mechanical Engineer from Assam’s Nalbari district, has created an exquisite attempt at conveying us a mythic story in his upcoming short film Ghorapak. Barma is a seasonal artist who enjoys experimenting with different art forms. The film’s teaser has been making the rounds on social media, leaving netizens perplexed as to what ‘Ghorapak’ is.


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