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Lionel Messi makes acting debut in Argentina’s Los Protectores TV series

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Lionel Messi after winning every possible accolades in football have now decided to enter the film industry as the 36-year old World Cup winning Argentine skipper recently made his debut in an Argentine TV series ‘Los Protectores’ , in which he plays himself opposite a trio of football players’ representatives.

Messi takes part in an amusing five-minute scene, in which he meets with the three agents to discuss a project to support young players playing for different clubs in Europe, and the situation gets out of hand with requests for photos and videos and the proposal of a business deal that leads to an intense exchange of glances.

The new show was written by Marcos Carnevale, directed by Jorge Nisco and produced by Polka, and it takes up the story of the charismatic trio of footballers’ representatives.

Mean while Messi is also all set to join Inter Miami, an M.L.S. team part-owned by David Beckham. The news has already caused ticket prices to skyrocket, with fans clamoring to get a chance at witnessing the icon’s potential debut.

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