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World Cancer Day 2023: 3 Food items that Increase the risk of cancer

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World Cancer Day 2023: Every year on February 4th, World Cancer Day is observed. This campaign allows us to all work together to combat the cancer epidemic on World Cancer Day. World Cancer Day aims to save millions of lives each year by raising cancer awareness, educating the public about the disease, and encouraging governments and individuals around the world to take action.

To commemorate this day, we take the time to better understand the risk factors that lead to cancer. A cancer risk factor is anything that increases a person’s risk of developing cancer. However, the vast majority of risk factors do not result in cancer. Some people never get cancer despite having multiple risk factors. Others who have no identified risk factors do as well.

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Cancer may be unavoidable due to genetic factors, but it can be avoided by altering external factors such as lifestyle and diet. Many types of research have revealed that the cause of cancer is external factors in approximately 80% of cases. We will discuss three such foods that can be considered the cause of all types of cancer.


World Cancer Day 2023: 3 Food items that Increase the risk of cancer

Fast food

Fast food, such as pizza and burgers, is thought to be extremely harmful to one’s health. People are aware that they are harmful to the body, but they continue to consume them. These are also known as junk foods, and experts believe that eating them causes chemical compounds to form in the body. These chemical compounds not only cause serious diseases such as cancer, but also serious problems such as liver damage and infertility.


Alcohol is widely regarded as a major contributor to the occurrence of fatal diseases. It is said that consuming too much of it can lead to serious diseases such as stomach, breast, liver, mouth, and throat cancer. Doctors believe that the less alcohol consumed, the better. People can become addicted to alcohol, which is extremely dangerous for them.

Soft drink

Although soft drinks have been consumed for a long time, they are currently very popular. Despite being aware of the risks, people continue to consume such beverages. Obesity is said to rise when they are consumed in excess. Obesity is also a type of disease that can lead to cancer.


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