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Malaysian Restaurant Serves Papad As ‘Asian Nachos’, Netizens Says ‘Culinary Crime’

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A restaurant in Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur has gone viral on social media after serving papad as “Asian nachos,” drawing criticism from netizens online. A picture of the restaurant named Snitch By The Thieves’ menu featuring the ‘Asian nachos’ page is going crazily viral and being hugely mocked online as people called it a ‘culinary crime’.

The menu image went viral after a Twitter user named Samantha shared it with the caption, “A culinary crime has been committed.”

The viral image depicts a plate piled high with ‘papad’ and a dip on the side. “Asian nachos” were on the menu. It also stated that the dish includes papadam, avocado, tamarind salsa, and crispy shallots.


The post has received over 586K views and nearly 10K likes since it was shared. The “Asian Nachos” are priced at 25 Malaysian ringgits (approximately Rs 500) on the restaurant’s website.

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One more person joked, “And how much is each portion going for? I am guessing 200% profit per plate as popadums are cheap. It’s a nice racket.”

Taking a dig at the restaurant’s name, a person wrote, “Yep. The irony… restaurant name’s Snitch by the Thieves.”


Homemade Nachos Recipe:

Homemade nachos are simple corn meal chips that are deep fried. Nachos are typically triangular in shape and flavoured with a variety of seasoning options.

Serve with Melon Salsa and Spicy Mexican Salsa Verde.


  • 1 cup Corn flour
  • 1/4 cup Whole Wheat Flour
  • Oil , as required
  • Water , to knead the flour
  • Salt , Salt as required
  • Barbeque masala , to garnish


To begin making the Homemade Nachos recipe, knead the flour first. In a mixing bowl, combine the flours, 1 tablespoon oil, and the salt to taste.

Slowly add water and knead a roti-like dough.

Knead for 5-6 minutes to release all of the air in the flour and make the nachos crisper.

Allow the dough to rest for 10 minutes before kneading for a minute to smooth it out again.

Make medium-sized rotis/tortillas and keep them separate to make tortillas. The thickness should be similar to rotis. Cook them in batches on a flat griddle or pan. Please do not brown them as you would rotis.

We just need to cook them briefly to evaporate the moisture and make them crisp when fried.

To make nachos, cut the tortillas into triangular shapes and fry them in a deep fry pan on medium high heat until crisp.

When they’re done, place them on a tissue paper to absorb any excess oil. Homemade Nachos are ready to serve when you sprinkle Barbeque masala on freshly fried nachos.

Serve Homemade Nachos with Melon Salsa, Spicy Mexican Salsa Verde, or your favourite Salsa.

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