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World Air Quality Report: Assam’s Digboi Among Least Polluted Cities

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World Air Quality Report: Digboi, in Assam, is the second-least polluted city in central and south Asia.

Digboi is also known as Assam’s Oil City. Because of its production of crude oil, this location is among the most significant in Assam, and Digboi Oil Refinery is a well-liked tourist destination. Together with these intriguing aspects, Digboi is well known for its handicrafts, textiles, war graves, and wildlife refuge.

IQAir has released the report.

More than 30,000 air quality monitoring stations provided data for it.

According to a research, there are still large loopholes in government-operated regulations.

India’s air quality is seven times worse than what the World Health Organization considers to be acceptable (WHO). New Delhi is not the most polluted city in India, according to the fifth Annual Global Air Quality Report, despite being the second most polluted capital city in the world.

Rajasthan’s Biwadi was the most polluted city in India in 2022.

The city’s yearly Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) level was 92.7, and 60% of the Indian cities evaluated for the research had pollution levels that were almost seven times higher than WHO guidelines.

The top five polluted nations in 2022 were Bangladesh, Chad, Iraq, Pakistan, and Bahrain. It was discovered that eight of the ten cities with the worst air pollution in the world are located in Central and South Asia.

According to the Annual Global Air Quality Report published by Swiss air quality technology company, IQAir, India is the seventh most polluted country in the world and is home to 12 of the 15 most polluted cities in Central and South Asia.

The top of the list, which features over 7,300 cities and is the most the rankings have ever included since 2017, when they included fewer than 2,200, is dominated by Indian cities.


According to the paper, the cost of air pollution to India’s economy is $150 billion, with the transportation industry responsible for 20–35% of the PM 2.5 pollution. Industrial facilities, coal-fired power stations, and biomass burning are additional sources of pollution.

It’s interesting to see that pollution levels have decreased by double digit percentages in as many as 31 cities. Ten of these are in Haryana, and seven are in Uttar Pradesh. The Taj Mahal city of Agra had the highest drop, at a rate of 55%. From 2017 and 21 there were 85 micrograms of PM 2.5 on average per cubic metre, and in 2022 there were just 38 micrograms.


On the other hand, pollution levels in up to 38 cities and towns have increased when compared to the average during the preceding years.

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