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Imported Fish With Formalin In Assam: Formalin-laced Fish Could Cause Cancer

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Imported Fish With Formalin In Assam: Amid reports of 15% poisonous formalin found in fish imported from outside Assam to Nagaon’s local fish markets, it has come to light that the state fishery department lacks adequate facilities to conduct preliminary testing to detect formalin in imported fishes.

As a result, the government has yet to conduct formalin testing on imported fish in Guwahati, according to a source.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a division of the World Health Organisation (WHO), has determined that formaldehyde is ‘carcinogenic to humans’ due to increased risks of nasopharyngeal cancer and leukaemia. Based on data from human studies and laboratory research, National Cancer Institute experts found that formaldehyde exposure may cause leukaemia, particularly myeloid leukaemia, in humans.

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The government has already addressed the zoology department at Gauhati University and held a meeting in this respect, according to the source.

During a media interview, one of the fish vendors in Bongaigaon’s Boro Bazar claimed that no formalin was applied in fish imported from outside Assam.

“We import fish from Bihar, West Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh,” he explained. It takes three days to reach Assam and sells out in two days. Ice can be used to keep the fish for five to six days. The previous fishery department test was two years ago, and no formalin was identified in the fish.”


This happens to your body when you eat formalin-laced fish

Formalin is a preservative that is applied to the body of fish to keep it from decaying. According to experts, this chemical cannot be utilized to preserve fish intended for human consumption. According to animal research, formalin is a carcinogen.

  1. It has the potential to raise the risk of cancer.

2. It can make you susceptible to wheezing.

3. It can even kill you (an adult can be killed by swallowing 30 ml of formalin solution containing 37% formaldehyde).

4. Formaldehyde in formalin has been linked to an increased risk of leukaemia.

5. It may produce nausea, discomfort, and a burning feeling in the eyes, as well as watery eyes and a runny nose.

6. It has the potential to cause bronchitis and pneumonia.

7. There is a greater possibility of allergic responses.

How to know if your fish contains formalin?

  1. Stiffness
  2. The pungent odour of seafood

3. No flies will be attracted to this sort of fish.

4. Rough scales


What happens when formalin enters your body?

1. Stomach issues

2. Liver issues

3. Discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract

4. Respiratory issues such as asthma

5. Skin issues

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