Rongali Bihu: Delicious Assamese Pithas For Beginners

Pithas are frequently cooked using bora saul, a type of sticky rice, or xaali saul, or sun-dried rice. Here are a few Assamese desserts you should taste if you ever visit the region of hills and valleys.

Rice, jaggery, and til are the key ingredients (sesame). Although the preparation appears simple and straightforward, mastering this meal requires a significant amount of effort.

Til Pitha: Til is the main ingredient in this dish (black sesame). Bora saul (sticky bora rice) and gur are also used (jaggery).


Ghila Pitha, the only fried pitha:  These jaggery-flavored sticky rice pancakes or balls are fried in mustard oil.


Tekeli/Ketli Pitha: This dish is made with aromatic jaggery, fragrant rice, and grated coconut. The mixture is steamed in a kettle lid and is best served with black tea.


Anguli Pitha:  The savoury rolls are made using rice flour, cooking oil, turmeric, salt, red chilli powder, garam masala, jeera powder, tomato, onion, and chilli, as well as chopped vegetables of choice (carrot, beans, etc.).


Hutuli Pitha: A fried dish made with jaggery and black sesame, also known as Sutuli (Xutuli) Pitha.