Offer Tempting Hanuman Jayanti  Bhog to Bajrang Bali

Lord Hanuman was born at sunrise on Chaitra Purnima on a Tuesday, which is commemorated as Hanuman Jayanti.

Lord Hanuman, a devoted admirer of Lord Rama, once tore his chest apart to unveil a picture of Lord Rama and Sita Maiyya in his heart.

This Lord Hanuman prasad item is produced of fresh boondi made of besan blended with sugar syrup, cardamom, orange food colour, chopped nuts, and a little piece of lemon.

1. Motichoor Laddoo

Imarti is made using soaked black gramme that has been fried in ghee or oil. Imarti batter is placed in a geometric pattern in the oil, similar to jalebi, and deep-fried before being soaked in cardamom-flavored sugar syrup.

2. Imarti

Those who do not have time to prepare elaborate prasad can gift Lord Hanuman chana (black gramme) and gud (jaggery), as it is one of his favourite foods.

3. Chana Gud (Roasted black gram and jaggery)

Because the ancient herb has immense religious importance for Hindus, basil or tulsi can also be incorporated in bhog for Lord Hanuman.

4. Basil

Kesari bhaat is a popular bhog item for Hanuman Jayanti.

5. Kesari bhaat