No Smoking Day – 5 Ways To Resist Smoking

Nearly half of all chain smokers (globally) die as a result of tobacco-related health complications.

No Smoking Day aims to encourage people to quit smoking and raise awareness about its negative health effects. Smokers are encouraged to adopt healthier lifestyles on this day.

Consider chewing gum (non-sugared ones). This will keep your mind occupied.

Try Chewing Gum

Chain smokers require professional assistance. Seek treatment.

Seek Doctor's Help

Exercising will help your body heal faster from the effects of smoking. Your lung capacity will improve, and your heart will be grateful.


Cigarettes taste better with certain foods, such as meats and refined carbohydrates, as well as beverages such as alcohol, colas, tea, and coffee. On the contrary, cheese, vegetables, and fruits have a terrible aftertaste when combined with smoking. Eating more of these and less of everything that goes with smoking will help you stay healthy as a nonsmoker.

Observe Your Food And Drink Patterns