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Chhath Puja: Beautiful And Fabulous Latest Mehndi Designs On Chhath Puja

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The festival of Chhath Puja is celebrated on the sixth day of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. This time the festival of Chhath started on October 28 and will end on October 31. On the day of Chhath Puja, Sun God and Shashthi Maiya are worshipped. The first day of the four-day-long Chhath festival has started.

Chhath Puja is started from Friday, October 28. Kharna is on 29 October. On 30 October, Arghya will be offered to the setting sun, the next day in the morning i.e. on 31 October, Chhath Puja will end by offering arghya to the rising sun.

Chhath Puja 2022 Shubh Muhurta: First Day

Chhath Puja Nahay-Khay 2022: 28 October, the day on Friday
Sunrise: 06:30 in the morning
Sunrise: 05:39 pm

The beginning of this festival will start from October 28 on the day of Nahay-Khay. Chhath is the festival of sun worship and worship of the sixth mother. This is one such festival of Hindu faith, which does not include idol worship. In this puja, a fast is observed for the sixth month. This fast is considered one of the toughest fasts.

In Chhath, the sun god and Chhathi Maiya are worshipped. To make this day even more special, try these trendy and simple mehndi designs. The beauty of your hands will be full of the moon after you apply this.

Here are a few beautiful Mehendi designs on Chhath Puja:

Today we have brought you many mehndi designs, which you can apply on your hands on Chhath Parwa. If you decorate these designs on the palms, then people will not get tired of praising you.

  1. Suryadev Mehndi:
Suryadev Mehndi
Image source:
Zee News – India.com


2. Floral Mehndi:


Floral Mehndi
Image source:


3. Peacock mehndi design:

3. Peacock mehndi design:
Image source: youtube

4. Ganesha mehndi design:

ganesha mehndi design
Image source: Youtube

Chhath Puja is a festival dedicated to the worship of the mighty Sun God. As the only festival that has survived from the Vedic period, Chhath puja is inextricably linked to nature-worship for humanity’s well-being. This festival celebrates and offers gratitude to Lord Surya who represents the permanent source of life and sustenance on this earth.

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Generally, women fast during Chhath Puja, and preparations for the festival begin after Diwali. Devotees are permitted to consume only Satvik food (no onion or garlic), to prepare meals with the utmost hygiene, and to eat only after taking a bath.


Nahay Khay Significance (नहाए खाए का महत्व):

The first day of Chhath Puja begins with a bath. Nahay Khaye refers to taking a bath after eating. On this day, some special customs must be observed. After taking a bath in a river or pond, the fasting person eats rice made of raw rice, chana dal, and pumpkin (gourd or ghee) as prasad. Taking a bath is associated with purity. In this, devotees begin the Chhath fast by becoming sattvik and pure.

Pumpkin vegetable is considered completely sattvik. That’s why Chhath Puja fast is started by eating this. It is believed that by eating it, the communication of positive energy increases. Pumpkin is an easily digestible vegetable in terms of health. This is the reason why Chhath Vratis consume pumpkin.

Chhath puja date:

October 28, Friday – Take a bath (Nahay Khaye)
29 October, Saturday-Kharna
30 October, Sunday – Arghya to the setting sun
October 31, Monday – Arghya to the rising sun
Nahay Khay is the first day of Chhath Puja:
Women and men who fast on this day cleanse their minds by eating only one meal at a time. From this day forward, great care is taken to maintain purity in the home, and the preparation of garlic and onions is prohibited. Fasting women eat gourd vegetable, gramme dal, rice, and radish on the day of bathing.
Fast for the entire day on the second day:
The second day of Chhath Puja is referred to as “Kharna.” On this day, the fasting person fasts for the entire day. Kharna means purification. In the evening of Kharna, the fasting women break their day-long fast after worshipping by making offerings of jaggery kheer.

Important things to keep in mind in Chhath Puja:

1. Do not allow small children to touch any objects of worship.
2. Do not feed prasad to the child until the worship is completed.

3. Never use abusive language with the fast or family members during Chhath Puja.
4. The women who keep the fast of Chhath Maiya, should not sleep on the bed and should sleep on the ground by laying the cloth.

5. Do not eat fruits even by mistake during the days of Chhath Puja.
6. Use copper or bronze utensils to offer Arghya to the Sun God during this festival.
7. To prepare Chhath Prasad, choose a place where food is not prepared before.
8. Wear clean clothes during Chhath Puja

Puja Samagri of Chhath Puja:

Five sugarcane with leaves, coconut with water, Akshat, yellow vermilion, lamp, ghee, wick, kumkum, sandalwood, incense sticks, camphor, lamp, incense sticks, matches, flowers, green betel leaves, whole betel nut, honey. Apart from this, green plant of turmeric, radish and ginger, big sweet lemon, custard apple, banana and pear are also needed for worship.

Apart from these, do not forget to take sweet potato and suthni. Make arrangements for sweets, jaggery, wheat and rice flour and ghee as well.

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