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World Sparrow Day 2023: 5 Lesser Known Facts of Little Birds

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World Sparrow Day 2023: Sparrows, also known as common House Sparrows, can be found on every continent. You can see sparrows everywhere, and they are an important part of our lives. However, house sparrows are becoming extinct throughout the world, including India. On March 20, World Sparrow Day, experts say there is a need to raise awareness about their conservation. The primary causes of their decline are thought to be increased pollution, urbanization, global warming, and dwindling ecological resources.

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When Nashik-based environmental conservationist Mohammed Dilawar took on the task of saving house sparrows in 2005, he realised the only way was to devise a “life-saving project” for the birds’ immediate population revival. The chirrup of sparrows had been muffled across urban India, and the solution, he claimed, was to create secondary habitats.

Most common and widespread species:-World Sparrow Day 2023

  1. House Sparrow Facts:-

The House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) is the world’s most common and widely seen wild bird. European settlers spread it all over the world, and it can now be found on two-thirds of the planet’s landmasses, including New Zealand, Australia, North America, India, and Europe.


There are 24 different types of sparrows in the world. Their population has steadily declined over time. This, despite evidence that the House sparrow (Passer domesticus), the most common variety in India, has evolved in surprising ways to match human evolutionary patterns over its 10,000-year history.

The House Sparrow is a very social bird that feeds in flocks with other types of birds at all times of year. It roosts communally, builds clumps of nests, and engages in a variety of social activities such as dust and water bathing and “social singing,” in which birds call together in bushes.

World Sparrow Day: 5 interesting facts

Male and female house sparrows are easily distinguished. Males have reddish backs with black bibs, while females have brown backs with stripes.

Sparrows typically fly at a speed of 24 miles per hour, but they can increase their speed to 31 miles per hour when necessary.

When threatened, these small feathered birds can swim quickly to avoid predators.

Sparrows are prone to infidelity; according to a recent study, only a small percentage of eggs contain DNA from both parents.

Sparrows can live in the wild for about 4-5 years.

They are extremely social and prefer to live near human settlements.

Why Sparrow And Other Birds Are Disappearing

It is common knowledge that trees are birds’ primary habitat. Cutting down trees causes habitat loss for birds, so why not a sparrow, which also loses its nest?

Previously, we can see buildings with an open window, a gap between the roof and the wall, an electric box outside the house, a place for a lamp inside the house, and occasionally holes in the wall. These are the locations where we can find bird nests, particularly sparrow nests. However, today’s constructions feature a closed wall with glass windows, no ventilators, and no gaps for mosquitoes to enter, making it difficult for birds to build nests. It’s another case of habitat loss.

The electromagnetic radiations emitted by mobile towers have an impact on birds. It becomes the cause of its population decline. The radiations are even affecting the human, then how the little sparrow can sustain. Birds are more sensitive to magnetic radiation than humans.

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