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Warning! ‘Gaumutra’ (Cow Urine) is unfit for human consumption, Says Research

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According to the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), fresh cow urine (‘Gaumutra’)  is not safe for human consumption since it may contain potentially hazardous microorganisms. IVRI is India’s leading animal research institute.

The study, led by Bhoj Raj Singh of the institute and three Ph.D. students, discovered that urine samples from healthy cows and bulls had at least 14 types of dangerous bacteria, with Escherichia coli being the most typically detected. Buffalo urine was also found to be more effective against some pathogens in the study.

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According to a Times of India story, Bhoj Raj Singh led the research at the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) – IVRI in Bareilly, along with three PhD students.
Several claims involving cow urine have been made in the past.

Earlier this year, a session court judge in Gujarat’s Tapi district stated that there is a need to conserve cows in the country because “cow urine can cure many incurable diseases and cow dung stops radiation,” according to the newspaper. The presence of Escherichia coli, which can cause stomach disorders, was most frequently discovered in pee samples from healthy cows and bulls, according to IVRI research. There were at least 14 more dangerous germs present.


The Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) has said unequivocally that cow urine should never be consumed by humans. According to a study conducted by the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), cow urine is not acceptable for human consumption since it may contain hazardous microorganisms. A study led by Bhoj endra Singh of the Indian Veterinary Research Institute discovered that urine samples from cows and bulls contained at least 14 different types of dangerous bacteria. This research also shown that it can induce gastrointestinal illnesses.

The findings of this study have been published on Researchgate, a research website. According to Bhoj endra Singh, who gave an epidemiologic interview about this, statistical study of 73 pee samples from cows, buffaloes, and people revealed that buffalo urine had substantially stronger antibacterial activity than cow urine. Some germs are substantially more resistant to buffalo urine.

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