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Fire broke out in passenger train in Meerut

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Fire broke out in the Delhi-Saharanpur Passenger train going from Saharanpur to Delhi near Daurala station. Passengers shouted amidst the fire that broke out in several coaches of the train. The train was at the station when the coach caught fire.

Seeing the fire in the coach of the train, the guard asked the driver to stop the train. After which the driver stopped the train near Daurala station. As soon as the train stopped, the passengers started jumping to save themselves from the coach which caught fire.

It is said that first, the engine of the train caught fire, after that the fire broke out and engulfed the rear coaches as well. Passengers were rescued in time amidst a sudden fire in the coach of Saharanpur Delhi Passenger Train. The cause of the fire is being investigated.
The incident happened this morning due to unknown reasons. There was no loss of life or property in the accident.. The incident happened at 7:20 am.

People noticed that there is a fire under the engine of the train. Due to the fear of fire, the passengers raised an alarm. After this, the passengers sitting on the train got down quickly. Those who were standing around the coach were also removed. Police station Daurala Police and GRP also reached the spot on the information of fire in the train.

According to the railways, the engine and two passenger coaches in the train caught fire. The fire brigade team got the fire under control in time. After the fire, Dehradun Shatabdi and many important trains have been parked at City Station and Khatauli, Muzaffarnagar

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