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National Science Day 2023: 5 Tips For Speech For Children In English

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National Science Day 2023: Every year on February 28th, India celebrates National Science Day, or Rashtriya Vigyan Diwas, to honour Nobel Prize winner Sir CV Raman. The Raman effect was discovered on February 28, 1928. In 1930, Sir CV Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery.

The National Science Day celebrations include public speeches, radio and television broadcasts, science movies, theme-based science exhibitions, debates, quiz competitions, speech and essay writing competitions, lectures, science model exhibitions, and many other activities.

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Here are some National Science Day 2023 speech tips and ideas:

Keep your National Science Day speech brief because children may not be able to remember a lengthy one.

Don’t fill your National Science Day speech with words your child will forget. Use simple words and sentences as much as possible.

Keep it simple so that children can understand it.

Rehearse the speech several times.

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National Science Day Speech

Every year on February 28th, India observes National Science Day.

The day commemorates the 1928 discovery of the Raman effect.

The Raman effect is based on the change in wavelength of light caused by molecules deflecting a light beam.

The Raman effect can be used to explain a variety of natural phenomena such as the appearance of blue sky, early sunrise and late sunset, and so on.

The Raman effect also explains why the sky turns red at sunrise and sunset.

In 1930, Sir CV Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery.

Raman was the first Asian to be awarded the Nobel Prize in any field of science.

In 1954, Raman, Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, and Chakravarti Rajagopalachari were awarded the first Bharat Ratna.

In 1986, the government of India declared February 28 to be National Science Day.
“Global Science for Global Wellbeing” is the theme of National Science Day 2023.

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