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World Television Day 2022: 10 Popular 90s Indian TV Shows We Still Remember

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November 21, is celebrated as World Television Day around the world. It was first declared by the United Nations General Assembly in December 1996. Television is one of the most amazing inventions. This is the only electronic media that has had a significant impact on us. The television has evolved dramatically, from a large simple TV to a smart and sleek TV. It has expanded into all aspects of the studio, transmitter and broadcast technology, and television itself. Even television signals have been converted from analog to digital, and we now have HD (high definition) TV, IPTV, mobile TV, and 3D TV.

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Around 1959, TV made its debut in our country with an exploratory transmission from Delhi. With an improvised studio and a low-power transmitter, this was a modest start. We used to have large Analog TVs, and it was a communal viewing experience.

Television programs for teachers were introduced in 1961. In 1965, a one-hour daily service with a news bulletin and some entertainment programs was launched. Krishi Darshan and rural programs for farmers in Delhi and Haryana were launched in 1967. In 1972, television services were extended to a second city, Mumbai.


Doordarshan was spun off from All India Radio on April 1, 1976, and given its own name, Doordarshan. Doordarshan was a government-funded independent public service broadcaster. Doordarshan’s motto was “Satyam Shivam Sundaram,” which translates as “The Truth is God, and God is Beautiful.”

For Millenials who grew up in the 1990s, television was one of the few options for entertainment. With no internet, smartphones, or computers, 90s TV was tasked with entertaining an entire generation of growing children. Oh, how it delivered! Some shows from the 1990s were so good that we’re still talking about them. In fact, the 1990s were considered the pinnacle of Indian television before it was commandeered by Saas-Bahu serials and brain-dead reality TV shows.

World Television Day 2022: 10 Popular 90s Indian TV Shows:

  1. Chandrakanta:

Chandrakanta is a mega-budget Indian fantasy television series based in part on Devaki Nandan Khatri’s novel of the same name, and it is one of the biggest blockbusters in Indian television history. It was first broadcast on Doordarshan’s DD National between 1994 and 1996, and it was created, written, produced, and directed by Nirja Guleri, India’s first woman to direct an epic film or television series on such a grand scale.

2.Malgudi Days:

Malgudi Days is an Indian television series based on R.K. Narayan’s works. Shankar Nag, a Kannada actor and director, directed the series.

Swami and Friends follows the life of ten-year-old Swaminathan, or Swami as he is affectionately known.

3. Surabhi:

Renuka Shahane and Siddharth Kak in this show had to be the ones who got us to appreciate art and culture as kids! In fact, it is India’s longest-running cultural series, and it is listed in the Limca Book of Records for receiving the largest measured audience response ever in Indian television history.

4. Chitrahaar:

Chitrahaar evenings were the most enjoyable evenings I’d ever had. You don’t see the kind of desperation we used to feel when they played our favourite songs anymore.

5. Hum Paanch:

Hum Paanch is about Anand Mathur, a man with five daughters who always seem to irritate him, and his wife. He’s also bothered by the sarcastic remarks of his late ex-wife, who keeps speaking to him through her framed photograph.

6. Rangoli:

It makes no difference if it was a Sunday or not; one merely did not sleep late and forget even the smallest 5 seconds of ‘Rangoli’!

7. Alif Laila:

Alif Laila is based on Arabian Nights, or One Thousand and One Nights, and revolves around Shahrzad and Shahryar. Shahryar is a king who, upset by his first wife’s infidelity, decides to marry a virgin, decapitate her at dawn, and marry another virgin the next day, until he meets Shahrzad, who tells him a story on the night of the wedding, and when dawn is about to break, Shahrzad stops, but Shahryar grants her another day to live so she can finish the story. And so the cycle goes on.


In the Kali-yuga, when avarice and loathing have taken over humanity, a mythic group of saints selects a man who, through meditation and yoga, learns to be superhuman and ends society’s evils, and must work hard to do the same. When he is discovered by the media, this man is dubbed “Shaktimaan” by one reporter, Geeta Vishwas.


9. Dekh Bhai Dekh:

A family filled with eccentricities! This show won everyone’s hearts with the best possible cast and amazing comic timing. Clashes between three generations living in one large bungalow, as well as their simple day-to-day problems, made for perfect comedic viewing.



10. Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan:

Based on Hindu mythology’s most beloved and well-known epic, Ramayan tells the story of Prince Rama of Ayodhya, who is sentenced to 14 years in exile with his newlywed wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman. When the Asura King Ravana kidnaps Sita, Rama must defeat him in battle in order to reclaim her.

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