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Shocking! Tamil Actress Anicka Vijay Vikraman accuses her ex-boyfriend of torturing her

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Anicka Vijayi Vikraman, a well-known Tamil actress, recently opened up about her ex-torturous boyfriend’s and traumatic treatment of her. The actress posted a lengthy Instagram message in which she revealed she had received threats and even shared photos of her bruised face. She also mentioned instances of physical assault by her former partner in the post.

The revelation of Anicka Vijay Vikraman’s ex-abuse boyfriend’s has shocked and appalled the Tamil film industry. The actress bravely shared her story on social media, posting photos of her bruised face as proof of the abuse she endured. In her note, she described how her former partner choked and hit her, and she even shared screenshots of their conversations as proof of his abusive behaviour.

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“âDespite leaving these incidents behind, I’ve been receiving threatening calls, and my family and I are constantly being degraded,” the 26-year-old actress added. The last photo was taken just before my ex-boyfriend attacked me. I was very excited to show off my haircut, even though it is now in the past. I’ll start posting photos this week. I’ve recovered completely and have begun shooting again; hopefully, everything will be fine from now on.


The actress took to Instagram to share her ordeal, posting a series of photos showing injuries on her face and a blood clot around her eye. In addition to these photos, the actress included a note in which she stated that she was in love with a man named Anoop Pillai. However, he has been abusing her mentally and physically for several years. Anicka stated in the note that she and her family are receiving threatening phone calls.

Anoop Pillai, Anicka’s allaged boyfriend, is said to be missing in New York, and local police have filed a complaint and begun an investigation. Anicka Vikraman is currently seen in ‘Enga Pattan Parthiya’ and ‘Vishamakaran.’


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