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Anupamaa Spoiler: Anuj Says Maya Is the Better Mother, Baa pleads Anupamaa

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Anupamaa Latest Episode: Anupamaa, a television show, has a devoted fan base. It is currently the most popular show, and fans are obsessed with Anupamaa. The plot revolves around a woman who knows how to advocate for herself. She overcame an abusive husband and moved on to a better life. Rupali Ganguly stars in the show, and Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey play pivotal roles. Anupamaa’s most recent song is about Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna) and Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) fighting for custody of their daughter Chhoti Anu from Maya, who is allegedly her biological mother.

These days, the show’s plot revolves around an intriguing story: Anupama and Anuj’s post-marriage life. With the entry of Little Anu’s real mother, Maya, and how they have a challenge for about 15 days where Maya is living with them, the entire story takes a dramatic turn.

In the previous episode, Baa would tell Kinjal that she shouldn’t go to work and should be here with Toshu, but Rakhi would stand up for her and tell Baa that if they couldn’t take care of Toshu, they would blame Kinjal for it, and how convenient is that?


Kinjal decides to work because it is necessary, but Baa believes it would be better if Kinjal stayed at home because Toshu requires her care.

Vanraj is also anxious because Kavya has left for work, and he reportedly misses Anupama, who used to handle all of the household problems. Baa considers calling Anupama, but Vanraj refuses, stating that Anupama should concentrate on her own home.

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The story takes an interesting turn when Rakhi accuses Leela of mistreating Kinjal and asks why she is not looking after Paritosh instead of accusing Kinjal.
Rakhi informs Leela that even though Kavya is working, they are not saying anything to her, whereas they are saying hurtful things to Kinjal.
In the following episodes, we will see Anuj conclude that Maya is a better mother than Anupama. He values Anu’s happiness above all else.


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