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Anupamaa Latest Episode: Anupama Leaves Baa and Vanraj, Kavya To Find New Love

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Anupamaa Latest Episode: Anupamaa is currently the queen of our television screens. The show is performing extremely well, topping the weekly BARC ratings. Rupali Ganguly plays the lead, with Gaurav Khanna playing her husband Anuj. The story now revolves around Anupama and Anuj’s post-marriage lives.

The Shah Family is currently unable to make decisions on their own and continues to seek assistance from Anupama.

All of the Shah family’s marriages begin to fail as the stress becomes too much to bear.


Kavya is also fed up with Vanraj because he only thinks about his family. Kinjal is still unable to forgive Toshu for cheating on her.

Even the conflict between Pakhi and Adhik has not been resolved.

Anupama is concerned because all of her relationships are disintegrating and she is powerless to intervene.

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Anuj is currently asking Vanraj to stop blaming others and instead look for Bapuji, who is more important right now. Kinjal and Kavya, on the other hand, blame Vanraj for what happened, which enrages Vanraj.

Surprisingly, Bapuji reappears. Vanraj inquires as to his whereabouts, and he responds that he regrets returning. He blames Baa for the drama, but she denies any involvement. Bapuji requests that she stop lying.

Next, Anupama denies supporting Baa and Vanraj. She abandons them to deal with their problems on their own.

TOP TV show Anupamaa gets new cast members

Anupamaa is one of the most talked-about TV shows in the industry. Fans enjoy discussing everything Anupamaa and the cast members, from the ongoing tracks to the acting chops. And now, fans are hooked on the new twist that the makers have added to Anupamaa with the addition of Nitesh Pandey. In the show, he plays Dheeraj, Anuj’s childhood friend. Nitesh Pandey is the newcomer to Anupamaa, which will this time revolve around Anu Kapadia and MaAn. Fans would be relieved right now. It is also said that Kavya will find a new love interest.


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