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Sati Sadhani Divas: Assam Remembering Sacrifice of Chutia Queen

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Sati Sadhani Divas: Every year on April 21, Assam commemorates Sati Sadhani Day, also known as Sati Sadhani Divas. The ceremony honors the final monarch of the Chutia Kingdom, a medieval monarchy in modern-day Assam.

The Inspiring Story of Birangana Sati Sadhani

Sati Sadhani was the daughter of King Dharmadhwajpal, also known as Dhirnarayan, and was born at Sadiya. When Sadhani turned 19, King Dhirnarayan organised a svayamvara ceremony for her to choose a partner from a group of suitors. The king promised to marry Sadhani to anyone who could fire an arrow at a sprinting squirrel. Nitai, a cowherder, triumphed and married Sadhani, changing his name to Nitipal following their marriage.

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Nitipal and Sadhani were crowned king and queen of Chutia in 1522. However, Nitipal’s lack of experience as a ruler resulted in a turbulent reign. He replaced the old ministers with his hometown buddies, sparking a rebellion and the division of Chutia into many autonomous provinces. Sadhani took over the kingdom despite Nitipal’s poor governance. The damage, however, had been done, and the neighbouring Ahom Kingdom took advantage of Chutia’s weakness.


The rivalry between the two kingdoms, which had begun under Dhirnarayan’s reign, came to a conclusion in 1523 when the Ahom ruler conquered Chutia. Sadhani and Nitipal were unable to reach an agreement despite their best efforts. The Ahom army assaulted Sadiya, the Chutia capital, on April 16, 1524. Sadhani and Nitipal retreated to the mountains with a few surviving warriors, where they waged guerilla warfare against the invaders. Sadhani even gathered 120 female fighters for her army.

Unfortunately, numerous former Chutia ministers and military commanders allied with the Ahom Kingdom, which led to Chutia’s loss. King Nitipal was killed by an arrow, while Queen Sadhani battled to the bitter end. She chose to commit herself by jumping from a cliff rather than be apprehended and suffer dishonour. According to another narrative, Nitipal was murdered during the capture of Sadiya, and Sadhani was promised the marriage of the city’s new governor, appointed by the ruler of Ahom. She chose death than dishonour and jumped off a cliff.

History of Sati Sadhani Divas

Sati Sadhani’s narrative has inspired generations of Assamese and beyond, and Birangana Sati Sadhani Divas honours her bravery and devotion. Furthermore, the Sati Sadhani Award was founded by the Sutiya Jati Unnayan Parishad to honour those who have made great achievements to the realms of art, culture, and literature. The Parishad forms a committee to pick the award.

Birangana Sati Sadhani Divas is more than just a day to honour the life of a great queen; it is also a reminder of the value of courage, commitment, and sacrifice in our lives. Sati Sadhani’s tale demonstrates the power of these principles and the lasting legacy they may create.

Assam’s Bogibeel Bridge named ‘Birangana Sati Sadhani Setu’

In 2018, Bogibeel Bridge has made headlines due to its impending inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 25, 2018. However, it has also made news for what it should be called.The Assam Transport Department has issued a notification to the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) requesting that the bridge’s nomenclature be read as ‘Birangana Sati Sadhani Setu’.


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