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Purabi Dairy’s new radio campaign highlights a bouquet of opportunities for dairy farmers

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An FM radio campaign has been launched, primarily as an initiative under APART, to encourage more and more farmers to come into the formal dairy setup – the Cooperative Dairying fold under the brand Purabi – a brand owned by the “West Assam Milk Producers’ Cooperative Union Ltd. (WAMUL)”, a union of more than 14000 dairy farmers of Assam. As the End Implementing Agency of Formal Dairy Value Chain under World Bank Financed APART Project, Govt of Assam, WAMUL, Assam’s largest dairy cooperative is anchoring the campaign. Purabi Dairy has launched the radio campaign to reinforce the relationship based on goodwill and trust that the brand maintains with its dairy farmers. Through this campaign, the dairy cooperative aims to connect with more dairy farmers across the state and highlight how the World Bank financed APART project of Govt of Assam, helps farmers attain self-reliance, generating employment and offers them an amplified marketplace for their produce. The new campaign also reinforces Purabi Dairy’s brand identity with a tagline – ‘Purabi Dairy: Axomor Xuwaad’.

Purabi Dairy has conceptualized the three radio jingles which create a positive brand awareness and emphasizes the promising future for farmers involved in dairy farming. Purabi Dairy is currently expanding its plant infrastructure to enhance its processing capacity through the support received under the APART project.

In the first jingle, a farmer narrates how he used to earn low price by selling milk in just a few houses in his village. He then talks about how he connected with Purabi Dairy, which showed him the path to increase milk production and also offered him a market to sell the produce at a good price. The jingle ends with him expressing joy for two reasons- Purabi Dairy helping him to attain financial independence and enabling him to sell milk to WAMUL – to process and market milk and milk products to the citizens under the brand name of Purabi.

The second jingle is a conversation between a married couple after the husband returns home from Guwahati. The jingle starts with the husband calling her for a glass of water, in response to which she asks him the reason for his happiness. The husband then explains that markets in Guwahati is full of Purabi branded milk and milk products, procured from farmers like him. He recalls the lack of demand for milk within his village, during earlier days, and so, he is now elated to be part of a white revolution, alongwith Purabi Dairy. The jingle ends with the husband asking for a cup of milk tea.

The third jingle of the campaign highlights Purabi Dairy’s contribution in building an Assam that is not only self-reliant, but also contributes towards employment generation. The jingle begins with a husband saying that their neighbor’s son has resigned from a company job and has returned to the village. To this, the wife says that he is walking on the path towards self-reliance. She explains that he has set up a dairy farm at home and is selling the produce to Purabi Dairy (through Dairy Cooperative Society) at a right price. He has also been able to employ two youths of the village in his farm. The jingle ends emphasizing how other educated youths will also be able to create a sustainable livelihood without leaving their hometowns and villages because of cooperation from Purabi Dairy.

The campaign has been quite popular and is received well by the dairy farmers and consumers at large.

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