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Remembering Veteran Actor Biju Phukan On His Death Anniversary

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Popularly called Bijuda, veteran Actor Biju Phukan left for his heavenly abode on 22 November 2017. Biju Phukan, who was born in Dibrugarh on February 18, 1947, died at Apollo Hospital in Guwahati. He had appeared in over 50 films and several plays in various roles. in 2017, The actor, who had been ill for some time, was admitted to the hospital due to respiratory distress. He left behind his wife Rajashree, son Angshuman, and daughter Sanghamitra, with whom he had been living in Panjabari, Guwahati, for several years.

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Phukan, who made his film debut in a dance sequence in Brojen Barua’s Dr. Bezbarua in 1970, was regarded as one of Assam’s most natural actors. He made his debut as a hero in the film Baruar Songshar. Following that, he had several hits including Aranya, Bonoriya Phool, Momota, Brishti, Natun Asha, Dharmakai, Meghmukti, Ajali Nabou, Upapath, Bowari, Agnisnaan, Bohagor Duporia, Aparupa, Mon Mondir, Anthony Mur Naam, Pita Putra, and Abhimaan.

His first film as a hero was Samarendra Narayan Dev’s Aranya, which won Best Regional Film at the National Film Awards in 1971.


In addition to Hotel Showfox, Aparajita, Doishyu Ratnakar, and Gajamukta, the actor appeared in a few Bengali films. He was interested in working in mobile theatre and took on roles at Lakhimi Theatre and Theatre Bhagyadebi. He also served on the jury for Indian Panorama.

Despite his failing health since 2013, Phukan demonstrated a strong desire to return to the film industry. The actor, known for his endearing personality, was involved in a variety of other activities, including politics. He ran in the Lok Sabha elections twice, from Dibrugarh and Guwahati.

It was February 18th, 1947. At the time, Biju Phukan’s father was in the army. Following the birth of Biju Phukan, the question of what name to give him arose. Father’s friend circle advised him that since India’s independence was imminent, he should keep his son’s name as Victory, and Biju Phukan’s father kept his son’s name as Vijay. However, his friend circle referred to him as Biju, and Vijay Phukan is now known as the popular Biju Phukan.

According to reports, he had only two flops in his entire career. Even his film songs, particularly those by Jayanta Hazarika, were huge hits. “Mon Hira Doi” from the film Bowari was one of his songs that gained popularity and chart success. Apart from films, Biju Phukan performed in many plays as a child in Dibrugarh.

Bhai Bhai, his first directorial venture, was directed by the Assamese film superstar.


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