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Beharbari Outpost ‘KK’ Siddhartha Sharma Has Been Admitted To ICU

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According to reports, KK, a popular actor in the popular serial ‘Beharbari OutPost Serial,’ is ill.

Siddhartha Sharma, also known as KK, the actor, has been admitted to the hospital.
The actor was admitted to Health City Hospital in Guwahati after suffering a stroke due to high blood pressure.

Actor Siddharth Sharma is currently receiving treatment in the intensive care unit. The actor has been busy performing Raas in different parts of the state for the past few days.

Beharbari Outpost is a popular comedy-drama show that airs on weekdays. Beharbari Outpost is an Assamese comedy sequel with a social message. This series is centered on the Beharbari.

This series revolves around the Beharbari Outpost, which is led by SI Pritam and is followed by Constable KK, CID Mohan, Beauty Bilung, and a slew of other characters. Every week, this team solves a new problem by sending a message to the general public.

Krinshnakam Khatoniar, also known as KK, is a well-known character in Beharbari Outpost. Siddartha Sharma plays the character. Siddartha was born in Nagaon and attended ADP College. His acting abilities are exceptional, and his delivery of dialogue is superb. Siddartha is also involved in stage drama in addition to television.

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In 2020, Siddhartha Sharma aka K.K. tested COVID-19 positive.

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